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Rate for best tattoo.

Okay my local radio station is hosting the rating best tattoo from best album art to potraits, and guess what I found when I was looking threw. Probably you are already looking at it.

If you like to rate them, go right ahead.
Website: Radio 104.5

Doing a favor for Cassie. #MCRchat

#MCRchat is going to start very soon, in 15 minutes (7:00pm Eastern). Everyone is invited, to join. See you there :)

Edit: On twitter

Cheating on the MTV site

Someone who use to have Tom as a username changed it to nonamefour and is posting links to cheat the votes. So report his arse.


Staying up yet again. I have to schedule for courses right when the hour hits 12:00 am. I might not go to bed until 1 am, yet I have to get up at 7am to get my arse ready to go to school. There are NO MORE SEATS for MATH 230 which I have to take for the Fall and there is only one class for that, also my whole schedule that I really wanted is now no more because of MATH 230 and Physics 212, also CAS 100A. Well at least I have My Chem to listen to when I'm on my way to school to keep me awake, and I really don't like coffee.

MCR vs. Muse

2 hours and 23 minutes till voting ends. So if you haven't voted VOTE!



Any fans of Supernatural?

All new episode at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central.


This is a survey.

Name your career/vocation that you want to/are pursuing on?

*Imitates Napolean Dynamite* Yes

I met with my advisor yesterday and told me of taking an online course that satisfies with my major since I'm not at U. Park yet (State College for those in PA). After talking about the online course, she told me that I might be heading up there early than from what I've expected to start on my junior year, but the reason is there are two courses that are not available where I'm at but at, again, U. Park for my next academic year. Which I'm really happy, but what worries me is the tuition, finding a job or getting a fucking WORK STUDY.

La Rosa De Guadalupe - "Soy Emo" (I'm Emo)

I love watching this show, especially that they're real accounts. But finding this episode a few moments ago, I was really surprised they did this episode. Anyone who speaks spanish or is hispanic ever watched this show?

Edit: They show Tokio Hotel, Green Day and a My Chem poster in the background :)

Really happy at the moment :D

I received a message on my school's e-mail account minutes ago ----> "[Abington] Campus closed Monday, March 15 due to continuing power outage."

YYYEEEESSSSSS!!!! One more day on vacation. ♫ Watching Extreme Makover: Home Edition.