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Learning guitar on my own.

Since I played clarinet for my junior and to the day I graduated from high school, I decided to pick up an electric guitar since it was cheaper for me to buy. I wish I can still keep learning clarinet especially that I was told I did really well, but I have the electric guitar at the moment. I don't want to waste my music talents and to loose all that knowledge from those 2 years in playing. SO, does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions of songs for a beginner to play?

FIFA 2010!

What team(s) are you routing for?

I'm for Mexico, Argentina and Brazil :)


I posted this as a comment to encourage you musicians out there (on Mikey's blog).

mariguel09HH wrote:

Everyone! You don't need to be a guitarist just to enter this contest. If you play the flute, clarinet, violin, oboe, etc., then play it! You can even gather a group of your friends to play together, and singers you can also have the options of doing it a cappella.


Be it solo, full band, acoustic, electric, electro, interpretive dance...we've seen just about everything, and it never ceases to amaze and inspire us.

Damn you CAPTCHA, I am typing it right!

AP Mag July 2010 25th Anniversary

I went to borders today, and bought the mag that had ETF on the cover. They all look gorgeous, but anyways I was skimming through the pages and found one photograhy of The Maine that took that same photography as My Chem back in 2006 before there 3rd album release (I think). It's AP's 25th Anniversary XD.

Now, does anyone want to play a GAME! Let's see how many people play.

This or That:
Getting shot by a monkey or getting pushed down into a waterfall.

Next person who responds can be the next to do a This or That question.

This message was brought to you by the ZOMBIES!

You can say I'm bored, which is true. Since I'm typing this blog, I'm going to promote a site for all of you lovely kiddies called "Baby TSN" also known as "TSN Lives." Click on this blog and the link will be there. If this is the end, then............

Now it's time to play a GAME! Let's see how many people comment my blog.

This or That:
Getting shot by a monkey or getting pushed down into a waterfall.

Edit: Next person who responds can be the next to do a This or That question.

If this is the end, then............

Good bye to the old TSN account, and hello to the NEW HOME OF THE MCRmy!

It was fun while it lasted, for those of you who know this get ready and prepare yourself for the ATM (Anti-Teenie Movement). Just doing a favor for Feral, stack up some nuggets, goldfish crackers, shaving cream and razors for the facial hair domination.

But on the bright side Laine (Silver), and Mods. on TSN Lives (Alyse, Keo, Marie.) made a replacement side called "Baby TSN" for those of you who were still logging in, new members are welcomed as well. TSN Lives

Jaime Maussan

Jaime Maussan studies the appearances of UFOs, and as of yesterday (on my time) he appeared on Don Francisco, for those of you who watch Univision. He appeared in other shows before such as No Manches and Otro Rollo, he also has his own show under Televisa.

Do you believe that aliens are real?

It has been one year!

It been one year since I graduated from high school. Unlike other people on this site, I really loved it but especially the friends that I made throughout those 4 years and the good times. There was drama, but I avoided them and didn't want to get involved. Now I had survived my first year of college.

I will always be one of the "Girls' of the Hallahan High!"

Hello Yall

I just got beaten up by my baby sister who is 4 years old while I'm 19.

Anyways this is not why I'm here to talk about. Anyone interested in looking at a picture?
Click the link --> Diva

Comment if you have the strength


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