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Face it, we lost :(

Mexico start packing your bags because we lost. Thanks for "el conejo" who should be re-named "el pendejo" making the same mistake twice! I lost all hope because of that goalie, and even if there is still time we won't be able to tie the game. :'(

Do you want to bring the FIFA game back in the USA?

People need to sign the petition on so that it can come back to the US in 2018. It's a good idea *nod*

Oh, by the way..........Mexico, Mexico, Mexico! We are coming for you Uruguay, muaaahhahhhhhaaaaa *evil grin*

Repost: MyChemMonday! On FOERadio NOW!

We have less than 25 viewers! You need two tabs opened.
Stream Live -
Tune In -

MyChemMonday! On FOERadio NOW!

We have about 30 viewers! You need two tabs opened.
Stream Live -
Tune In -

Mexico, Mexico, Mexico!

Mex. 2 - 0 France.
Yaaayayyyyyyyy! Wooooot Wooot
*Runs around the block* 5 minutes later. We're coming for you Uruguay! Hahahahaha.
El Chicharro is a cutie, thanks to him and Blanco *nod*

Okay I'm done, tomorrow USA against Slovenia. My prediction is that USA is going to loose, even if I live in the US. *shrugs*

Ok Go-Here It Goes Again (short parody)

From mid to late June students who are going back to school for the 2010-2011 academic year will be notified about their student aid package. Since May I've been impatient wanting to know what I actually received from the government.

I hope someone drops MATH 230, because I need that damn class for the Fall so that I won't be behind in the Sprong. God, bring me a miracle. :'|

Repost: Drum roll..........

Anyone interested? Click Here

Before you Click on the LINK, make sure that you post on one of the threads to make sure you will be willing to talk and have fun with the peeps on the forums. And read the rules also.

K'Naan-Waving Flag

I like this version, as well as the original one.

Sorry that I have to do this but.........

Soldiers in living in the US. I want all of your a**es here, but NOW! I know that some of you already are out of school.
You need two tabs opened.
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