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Frank crowdsurfing! At Philadelphia show.

It was awesome! He made a bet with Kerrang! that he can crowdsurf during the entire time they would play Joyriding,

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Longtime in a while...

Been a while since I posted a blog which was in March after hearing the sad news :( The good thing is come March, after a year since MCR's end, their greatest hits album will be released and I can't wait!

Finally graduated from Penn State with a bachelor's degree in science for Meteorology this past May. Yet I can't believe this year flew by fast like always. I miss the friends I made over the years there and to say the truth I also miss having to attend classes.

Anyone in the Philadelphia area?
Anyways Switchfoot will be on the lineup and it will be my second time seeing them live after last

Thankful for their music these past 12 years....

After listening to these amazing guys for 9 years, I learned from them and they helped me grow through my teenage years. One thing that I got out from them is never giving up, and staying strong as like the lyric goes, "I'm not afraid to keep on living, I'm not afraid to walk this world alone."

I made awesome friends through the MCRmy. One thing I will always keep in mind, and everyone as well, is that I will always have their discs, their LOTMS and TBPID to watch.

It's been a very long time......

I haven't been on here for more than a year, so decided to do an little update blog.

This is my last semester in college but so far things haven't been going as I had hoped to and planned at the same time. Going to be very busy from going to all of my 7 classes, attending meetings throughout the semester as I'm part of the Mexican-American Student Association Executive Board at Penn State. The situation that happened in December gave me, my fellow comrades and friends lots of pressure from the mass media as they kept bringing up the bloody image (sorry having a bad day today) as we were all

Honda Civic Tour at the Susquehanna Bank Center (Camden, NJ 9/17/2011)

Hey all I have videos and photos from the show at the Susquehanna Bank Center of anyone wants to watch it or look!


May 6th concert was amazing!

Concert last Friday was amazing. Great show and great performance by My Chem of course, and Thursday and The Architects were amazing. But My Chem topped the night. Best first concert experience that I had the privilege to attend. I've now become a fan of The Architects all thanks to MCR :D

Pictures from concert
May 6th concert playlist

MCRmy in the whole state of PENNSYLVANIA

Come and join this group on facebook! MCRmy Pennsylvania

I turn 20 years old!

I feel so old.
I'm not going to be able to celebrate today like I wanted to, because I still have a speech to get done and prepare for tomorrow's class. :(


I'm not a blog person but it's been a long time since the last time I typed up something on here. So yeah, I just finished applying for FAFSA (Financial Student Aid) 2011-2012 tonight, and now I have to wait to get an e-mail to apply for the State Grant. It's a pain in the ass in doing this every year, yet I get the benefit in receiving some money to attend college.

How many of you already know every single lyric off of Danger Days?