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My Birthday's In An Hour!!!!!

My birthday is in an hour and I wanna open my friggin presents already!!! This is torture. By the way happy 4th of July!! USA!!! haha I saw the fireworks in New York. It was kinda funny seeing them next to the New Jersey ones (its nearly impossible not to compare them). Anyways my birthday is now in less than an hour and i can't take it!!!! Someone distract me!

My Eyelashes are Long!

SOOOOO today I was doing my makeup like I do every day, and I realized that my eyelashes are freaking huge! The crazy thing is that I am pretty sure they have been this long my whole life, yet now is when I realize it. I guess I really am that slow... lql.

Still Funny

I saw this video a long time ago, and I still can't help but laugh whenever I see it haha ;D


Okay, idk why this is happening but when i check my friend requestst and waiting for approvals thingy i see friend requests that i have never sent. If you know how to fix this or if this is happening to you too, comment.

Cuban Grandmas

I saw this video and right away thought of my grandma (she's cuban). I couldn't stop laughing!


I've had this video on my mind all day!