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well along with a bunch of candy, i got a hot topic gift card for Easter, and I ordered my first ever band t-shirt, its a Black Veil Brides one. Im so excited!! I found this pic of it, and the guy on the tee and in the other 2 pics (the one with the short hair is what he looks like as of yesterday, he posted it on twitter) I cant wait til it comes in the mail!!!

Unforgiven by BOTDF <3

I fucking love Blood on the Dance Floor!!

Unforgiven by BOTDF <3

I fucking love Blood on the Dance Floor!!

Matt Good and Andy Biersack are like Spongebob and Patrick
I love them ;)

Black Veil Brides <3
1st pic is CC (Christian Coma) He's the drummer
2nd pic is all of them, left to right, Ashley Purdy(bassist),CC(drummer),Jake Pitts(guitar),Andy Biersack(vocals),Jinnx(guitar,violin)
3rd pic is Andy(vocals) and Ashley(bassist)
-Major Hydrogen

anybody got the names of the moderator accounts?

yeah, what the title said.

Im educating cleverbot...(im the user, cleverbot is cleverbot)

User: Frank iero.

Cleverbot: Who is Frank Iero?

User: The rythymn guitarist of My Chemical Romance.

Cleverbot: Who is my chemical romance?

User: A band.

Cleverbot: Who are in my chemical romance?

User: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Ray Toro, and Mikey Way.

Cleverbot: Who is Mikey Way?

User: The bassist of My Chemical Romance.

Cleverbot: Who's My Chemical Romance?

User: *facepalm*.

Cleverbot: Ow that hurt *body slam*.

User: Anyway, like I said before, My Chemical Romance is a band.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: And Gerard Way is the lead singer, Frank Iero rythymn guitarist, Ray Toro lead guitarist, and Mikey

some funny pics ;)

1st is Frank in the im not ookay vid, second is Mikey during a performance, and 3rd is Bryan Stars interviewing Matt Good and Andy Biersack

dudes, you aint missin much

I just figured out the transmissions, just click the numbers in a certain order, but its really nothing, just a contest that expired ages ago.

first one is ashley purdy from black veil brides, second one is gee doin this cool like kick jump thing while singing, and the third is from the im not okay vid with a funny caption
-Major Hydrogen