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If you havent read the other 16 parts, read them, because this will be so much easier to understand.
(6 months later)

I turned on the radio, and heard Dr. D's voice as I began to collect my things. I was getting ready to go to zone 4 and exterminate some dracs. I grabbed my ray gun and my extra gun, and my switchblade. I shrugged on my jacket and pulled my mask down over my eyes, and made sure my motorcycle had plenty of petrol in it.

my dog reminds me of frank

is that weird? because frank loves dogs so my dog reminds me of frank. also, my dogs like a miniature labrador, because hes a mix, so he looks like a black lab puppy. so if Frank was a dog, he would look like my dog. My dogs short, black fur, hilairous at times.

fanfic part 16! 17 coming soon!

They had all been shot in the side and left for dead. I helped Show Pony and Dr. Death Defying carry them to the van, and Missile Kid chose to ride in the van on the way back. I jumped on my motorcycle and zoomed ahead of the van. This is exactly why I worked alone for 4 years. I don't want to lose someone else I love. These guys are the closest thing I have to a family. I don't want to lose them. We got to the diner, and carried the guys into a room with four cots.We bandaged them up as beast as we could. They were starting to wake up.

mcr pics

click on the 3rd pic its an animation with pics of the band

mcr pics
fanfic part 15! 16 coming tommorow!

I woke up on a cot in the back of the diner. Their was a note from Party Poison on the table next to me. "Me and the guys went to get more food in zone 5.keep an eye on Missile Kid, shes sleeping in the room next you. Dr. Death and Show Pony are doing a radio broadcast in the way back of the diner, we should be back by noon.-Party Poison" I looked at the clock, it was 10:30. I went into the next room to find Missile Kid trying to shuffle a deck of cards. "Do you want me to show you how?" I asked, gesturing to the deck of cards. Missile nodded, and handed me the deck.

funny mcr pics!

pic 1:well some people are not feeling the music today.

pic 2: Gerard:I'm too close to the screen! My neck is gonna hurt so bad!
frank:How come gerard gets to sit up front?maybe i wanna sit up front!
bob:my hands are very comfortable to rest my chin on,
mikey: I dont care if its a comedy i will not smile or laugh.
ray:Why am i sitting so far back!

pic 3: dont worry, you and mikey can be left out together!

fanfic part 14! comment and let me know what you think

We slowed down, and finally just walked. At this point, my arm hurt so much I was starting to feel woozy, but we were approaching the car. Their was a spare tire in the trunk, and one under the car, so Kobra and Jet got to work changing the tires. I noticed that Party Poison mustv'e gotten shot, because their was a ring of black,burnt skin on his wrist. "You okay?" i asked. "Yeah, I'll be alright, it's you I'm worried about." Poison said, pointing to the cloth wrapped around the gash on my arm, blood was starting to seep thorugh it. "Dr.

more funny pics

pic 1: i rode unicorns with ray toro because gee told me to keep it ugly

pic 2: yeah that.

pic 3: mikey what did you blow up this time?