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look what i found on youtube!

this is just amazing, i think!

fanfic The Kid From Yesterday:Today part 21

I woke up with a terrible crick in my neck. I stood up and tried to crack my neck. "Well that's what you get for falling asleep like that," Poison said. Him and Kobra Kid were sitting at another table, sipping mugs of coffee. Kobra handed me a mug and I sat down. "So what's the plan for today?" I said. "Zone 7, but we're gonna leave Missile Kid here with Dr. Death and Show Pony for a few days. It's supposed to be pretty bad there right now. You can stay back too if you want." Poison said. "No! I'm going! I need some action." I said.

I was bored so i made this with my computers paint program

i know its bad, but i can only do so much with a track pad

lyric quiz! pretty easy i think!

1.whats the war done to my legs and to my tounge! paint it black and take it back,

3. blow a kiss at the methane skies,

4.sparkle like bowie in the morning sun!

5.well it takes one to know one she smiles!

6.but wheres your heart,now i know that i cant make you stay,

7.but if your troubled and hurt, what you got under your shirt,

8.and maybe when you get back, ill be off to find another way.

9.i am not the singer that you wanted but a dancer!

10. take this spike to my heart annnnd,

my favorite video ever!

i love this video so much! i dont own it, but its my favorite performance. i wish i couldve been there

fanfic The Kid From Yesterday:Today part 20

(3 months later)

I was in the diner when someone grabbed me from behind and blindfolded me. "What's going on?" I asked. "Just walk, we have a surprise for you" I heard Party Poison say.It was my birthday,but I really hadn't expected anything. He gently pushed me forward and out the back door of the diner. He took the blindfold off and I saw my old motorcycle, all fixed up with a new paint job. This time it was black with lime green flames spray-painted onto it. "Where did you guys find it? I thought I lost it when those dracs kidnapped me." I said, with a huge smile on my face.

fanfic!The Kid From Yesterday:Today part 19

I was hysterical now. "No! I won't let you do this!Please!" I said. Party Poison stepped forward again and dracs grabbed him and handcuffed him. The drac holding me gave my arm one final painful twist, and then threw me into Fun Ghoul's arms. I turned around and tried to lunge at the dracs holding Party Poison, but Fun Ghoul held me back. "Just wait. We have a plan," he whispered in my ear. Suddenly, Missile Kid and Show Pony jumped out from behind the car and took out the two dracs holding Party Poison. Fun Ghoul let go of my arms and I pulled my ray gun out, shooting the last 2 dracs.

fanfic!The Kid From Yesterday:Today part 18

I woke up sitting in a chair, with my hands tied behind my back. Korse came into the room, with an evil grin on his face. He untied my hands, but had a drac grab me before I could run or pull out my gun. "Your friends have been spotted in zone 7. I figured the only way to get them into custody was to use you as bait." he said, as the dracs pushed me down a hallway. They threw me into the back of one of those vans. A while later, the door opened up and dracs pulled me out of the van. "Wait! Stop shooting! They have Major Hydrogen!" I heard a familiar voice say.

the many faces of my chemical romance continued! plus 2 other pics!

the other 3 faces are in my last blog!

the many faces of my chemical romance

rays will be in the next blog!