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fanfic The Kid From Yesterday:Today part 26

(Party Poison's point of view)
"What the hell!" Fun Ghoul yelled, getting up and dusting himself off. Jet Star and Kobra Kid got to work exterminating the dracs, while me and Fun Ghoul got to work on Major Hydrogen. "The drugs that make her stronger will wear off soon enough, it's what Korse has done to her mind we have to reverse." Fun Ghoul said, dodging a blade Major sliced through the air towards him. This was going to be harder than I thought. I ran towards Major and tried to pin her, but she jumped over me and did a backflip, landing perfectly. What the hell did Korse give her?

MCRmy collage

i made this on my computers paint program


ENOUGH SPAMMING ALREADY! IT SUCKS! ENOUGH FUCKING SPAMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fanfic The Kid From Yesterday:Today part 25 (let me know what you think!)

"Sorry, but I'm afraid you'll have to go alone, my dear. I have buisness to attend to here. My draculoids will accompany you of course. But I must warn you, if you don't come back with the bodies of those rechid killjoys, you might as well not come back at all. Now run along." I said. This is just perfect. Major Hydrogen is powerful now. Those killjoys won't stand a chance.

(Party Poison's point of view)
"Kobra! Just face it! We have to stop looking sometime, just face it. She's dead. We've lost her." I said, as Kobra leaned against the car, and put his head in his hands.

(Korse's point of view)

Her transformation is coming along well. Once I give her the injections, it will be complete. Her colorful ray gun and knife will now be trained at the 4 people I have tried for months to kill. They won't kill her. My plan is foolproof. I strode into the injection room as 2 of my draculoids finished strapping her to the table. "What's happening master?" Major said. "Oh don't worry my sweet. These injections will make you stronger and faster, and you'll be able to kill those horrible people no problem." I said, picking up a syringe.

fanfic The Kid From Yesterday:Today part 23

(Major Hydrogen's point of view)

2 dracs took me to a room, and tied me to a chair. Their was a huge screen on the wall in front of me. Korse came in, grinning evilly. "This time I'm not taking any chances. I'm going to do your transformation myself. Your going to feel so much better after this is done. We know that your friends are somewhere in zone 7, so, after your transformation is complete, we'll unveil the "new you" to them. I think they'll be quite surprised. Aren't you excited? You'll be stronger,faster, and of course we'll tweak your personality a little bit.

i love my dad! :)

i found my old guitar hero 2 game, and was looking at the downloadable content, and i found a packof mcr songs, and he bought it for me! so i can now play along to Famous Last Words,Teenagers, and This is How I disappear. Plus, Dead! came with the game, so I now feel like Frank and Ray playing!

my movie! stolen!i just put my ipod in shuffle so none of this makes sense

opening scene: Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance (WHAT!)
getting up: Mama by My Chemical Romance (okay that makes sense, since my mom wakes me up)
going to school: The Only Hope fror Me is You by My Chemical Romance
gettting bullied: I'm Not Okay (I promise) by My Chemical Romance (woah thats weird)
getting a job: Teenagers by My Chemical Romance (um...okay.)
falling in love: Rolling in the Deep by Adele (i thought i was falling IN love!)
getting murdered: Look Alive, Sunshine by My Chemical Romance (but im dead, so how can look alive)
funeral: The Dog Days are Over by Florence and the

fanfic! The Kid From Yesterday:Today part 22

A little while later, we came across a group of about 10 dracs. We were completly outnumbered. It didn't take long before I was shot. None of the guys were paying attention, they were too busy fighting off 5 other dracs. 2 dracs grabbed me and pushed me in to one of those stupid vans. I tried to scream for help, but they covered my mouth.

(Fun Ghoul's point of view)
We shot the remaining dracs, and put our guns back in our holsters. That's when we noticed a few things missing. The other 5 dracs, one of those vans, and.. "Major Hydrogen! Where's Major!" I yelled.

look what I found on youtube! 2nd edition!

this is awesome!