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fanfic The Kid From Yesterday:Today part 29

A little while later, everyone was up. They all decided to go out to zone 5 with Missile Kid, but i decided to stay back, my head was killing me. They took a radio so I could talk to them.I went in the back to try and lay down.
(2 hours later)
I woke up to static and gunshots coming from the radio next to me. I jumped up and ran to my motorcyle, only stopping to grab my gun and my mask. I drove towards zone 5. My bike wouldn't go fast enough! I had to be going at least 80, but it felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. I finally saw them lying in the dirt.

fanfic The Kid From Yesterday:part 28

I woke up to see Kobra Kid on the bed next to me, snoring softly. Poison was on the floor sleeping next to him, and Jet,Ghoul, and Missile Kid were in the next room. Didn't they get any sleep while I was gone? Knowing them, probobly not. I tiptoed out of the room and decided to skip the coffee today, I still had a pounding headache. I heard footsteps behind me, and I turned around. Fun Ghoul had gotten up. He poured himself a mug of coffee, and we sat down at a table. "So, plan for today?' I asked. "Not really. Figured we just hang out here today.

lyric continuation!

okay ill start

now i know, that i can't make you stay, but wheres your heart, but wheres your, and i know! theres nothing i can say, to change that part, to channnnngggggeeeee!

I made another one!

i made these on some website i found

I made this!
fanfic The Kid From Yesterday:Today part 27(let me know what you think!)

"Major come on! Korse brainwashed you! He is your enemy! Snap out of it!" I said, shaking her shoulders. Her eyes became cocoa brown again, and I could tell she was fighting it. "Ghoul? Poison? Kobra? Jet? Why are you all staring at me? Poison let go of me!" she said,squirming. I let go of her and she stood up, rubbing her head.

(Major Hydrogen's point of view)
"What happened? Where am I?" I said. My head hurt, and I felt like crap. And I can't seem to remember anything that happened for the past few days. And I was really sleepy.

Eras of Ray Toro

i made this with my computers paint program, the other 3 are on my last 3 blogs

Eras of Frank Iero

i made this on my computers paint program, ray coming soon!

The eras of Mikey Way

i made this on my computers paint program, frank coming soon!

The eras of Gerard Way

i made this with my paint program. mikey is coming soon!