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I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living part 7

I climbed into my bunk, but I didn't fall asleep. I had the jitters, and Gerard must've noticed, because he poked his head into my bunk. "Don't be nervous. You were a part of the MCRmy once, you know how they are. If you mess up, which you won't, they will still love you. Now, I forgot, do you have a killjoy name? The fans know ours, they might as well know yours." Gerard said, sitting on the edge on my bunk. "Yeah, it's Major Hydrogen. Weird, but I like it. It's..different." I said, pulling out my mask and a drawing of what my costume would look like from my bag.

I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living part 6

Mom thrust the papers into Mikey's hand, and then slammed the door in Mikey's face. She had scribbled her signature onto the line, very sloppily but at least I was rid of her, and I was now the daughter to much better parents. We got in the waiting bus, and I showed the driver to my house. I ran inside, with the guys close behind, and grabbed a suitcase from the closet. I opened my drawers and stuffed everything I could into the bag. I grabbed my homemade killjoy mask off my dresser and stuffed that into the suitcase too.

I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living part 5

I woke up on my bunk, with Gerard snoring softly on the bunk next to me. I went into the kitchen to see Mikey brewing some coffee. "We'll go get your stuff soon, I picked up the adoption papers earlier this morning, so we'll have your guardians sign them" he said. I liked how he said "guardians" not parents, I hated when people called them my parents. "Okay, my parents live in an apartment building on the other side of town, and I live about a mile away." I said, pointing to a street outside that would take us straight to my house.

I just love this video!

i love how they are performing on top of a skyscraper

I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living part 4

Mikey came back, a smile on his face. "She said you sound like a nice girl. I'll get the adoption papers tommorow and have your parents sign them. We can get your stuff too." he said. "Great! I live about a mile away." I said. This was just amazing. Everything was happening so fast. "So, I guess we should show you where you'll be sleeping while were on tour. That reminds me, we have a show in Detroit on Friday, so we should probably leave by tommorow night." Ray said, putting his guitar it's case. "No problem.Follow me." Frank said, gesturing to a door in the back of the theater.

yay named my fanfic! I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living part 3

Wow, my favorite band wants me to go on tour with them? And, Mikey, wants to.. adopt me? I hadn't had.. parents... for over a year. Well, I had parents, but they didn't care about me.They would be happy to sign the adoption papers. "Sure! I would love to go on tour with you guys! And Mikey, you really want to adopt me? I am a teenager after all." I said. "Hey, teenagers scare the shit out of Gerard, not me!" he said laughing. "Well, then of course! I'd love it if you adopted me!" I said, and Mikey went outside to call Alicia.

next part will be longer, i promise!

fanfic part 2! please read and leave comments, it makes me feel better!

I was the last one to meet them. They looked tired, the other "fans" that they have met were all screaming fangirls. "Hey,I'm Jordyn.I know you guys aren't drummers, but could you sign these for me?" i asked, holding out my drumsticks. I had an old set in the house i lived in, and I could play every My Chemical Romance song."Sure, you play drums?" Gerard asked, pulling out a sharpie and signing a drumstick. He handed them to Mikey and he signed them. "Yeah, a little bit." I said, blushing. I couldn't help it! These guys were my heroes!

new fanfic! part 1

I pulled on my na na na t-shirt and started walking into town. I had no one to drive me, seeing as how I was 13 and I lived alone. I don't care if I live alone. I don't care if my drunk stepfather and my evil mother kicked me out. Tonight, I had tickets to see My Chemical Romance, and I had scored front row seats! My friends also somehow managed to get me a backstage pass, so I got to meet my heroes! I had saved up for weeks for these tickets. I have a little job selling candy at the local movie theater, just enough to make ends meet.

So Long And Goodnight

yeah, what the title tired

fanfic The Kid From Yesterday:Today part 30, the end

They all got up, and ran to their car. "Let's go back to the diner, Major follow us on your motorcycle." Ghoul said. "We have to make a plan to go and rescue her. We are going to rescue her aren't we?" I said. "Of course we are, but we have to do it soon. She's not strong enough to last through what Korse put you through." Kobra said. Poison slammed on the brakes when about 20 dracs appeared on the horizon in front of us. We all pulled out our guns.
(Kobra's point of view)
I was back to back with Major Hydrogen, and we were shooting dracs, we had to have killed at least 10 by now.