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just letting yall know

just becuz the danger days era is over, doesnt mean we cant still be killjoys. we can still use our killjoy names, we can still write killjoy stories, we can still be killjoys people! Okay?
-Major Hydrogen

love these!

pic 1: yeah sure gerard

pic 2: frank: i promise i wont hurt you ray, i just wanna cut the apple with my random chainsaw Ray: i guess ill just lay here with an apple in my mouth.

i love these pics

pic 1: i love this quote, and franks smile get me every time :)

pic 2: i love how everyones standing up, and then franks just sitting there, holding gerards leg, like, this is my leg no one touch it.

pic 3: has to be one of my fave pics of mcr, i think this was taken towards the end of the black parade era

oh god oh god embarassed embarassed!

so today in gym we were doing pull ups and we were all surrounding Austin, who was doing pull-ups. My crush,(Jared) was encouraging him "Come on you can do it! Come on Calvin! I mean Austin!" he yelled. and i made like a pshhh wow! sound and he looked at me weird, like directly at me.with a really like creeped out look on his face. then he just walked away. He already knows i like him, and i was trying to act like i didnt like him, but i guess that plan failed. but anyway, Im so fucking embarassed!

I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living part 13

(Mikey's point of view) I put on sunglasses and a hat to disguise myself, as I walked into the gun shop. I bought 4 revolvers, one for each of us. We all put our guns in our pockets and walked to Broker St., which wasn't too far from the shop. "Here's the address. Ready?" I asked, opening the door to what looked like a small abandoned apartment complex, similar to the other ones on the street. I don't think anyone lives in this part of the town anymore.We crept down a hallway, and up a flight of stairs, to a hallway that looked like it had recently been used.

I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living part 12

(Mikey's point of view) My cellphone rang. i amswered it, and a gruff voice talked into the phone. "I'm waiting, and I'm getting impatient. For every day I don't have that money, I will slice another part of your daughter away" the voice said. The line went dead, and I threw the phone against the wall, narrowly missing Ray's head."Watch it!" Ray said, jumping out of the way. "Let's go" I said. We had to get her back.
(Jordyn's point of view) The man came back in, with a something, shiny in his hand. He untied me, and I realized that it was a knife.

I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living part 11

(gerard's point of view) "We can't call the police. You know how they are, this will be all over the news, and then they'll kill her.We can't risk that." I said, sitting down. "Then we'll go to this address and get her back. If this guy wants 50,000 dollars, we'll give it to him, as long as he gives us Jordyn. It's not like we don't have the money in the bank,"Mikey said, pacing. "That money was supposed to be for our kids college fund. You know, Bandit,Cherry,Lily, and if you or Ray have any kids." Frank answered. "You don't understand, Frank. Jordyn is my daughter. Legally.

I Am Not Afraid To Keep On LIving part 10

The door opened, and a man stepped in the room. He walked right in front of the chair I was tied to. "Hello, Jordyn. I bet your wondering who I am." he said, smiling evilly. "Well, I can't tell you who I am, but I can tell you who I'm working with. Mike is my boss. He sent me to kidnap you, My Chemical Romance's new drummer." he finished. Mike? Their old drummer? Frank told me he had "connections", but I didn't think he meant like this. "T-They'll find you. The police. You'll be thrown in prison for the rest of your life." I said, my voice shaking. He laughed.

I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living part 9

(Frank's point of view) We all filed in the door to the bus. "Where's Jordyn? I thought she was going back to the bus to sleep." Gerard said, looking worried. I saw a note sitting on top of the table. "Guys, come take a look at this." I said, reading the note. Mikey read it aloud, his eyes widening. "I have Jordyn. If you want her back, come to 13756 broker st. with 50,000 dollars, cash. Do not call the police. If you do, she dies." Mikey read, his voice shaking. "This creep has my daughter! We have to get her back!' Mikey said, throwing the note down.

(Jordyn's point of view) I woke up, tied

I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living part 8

This was it. Gerard would go on first, then Frank, Mikey, and then I would go on with Ray. I held my drumsticks tightly in my hand as I walked out and sat on the stool behind the drums. I could see everyone, from the girl with the bright pink hair in the front, to the kind of.. creepy guy in the back of the theater, who was staring at me. Gerard started the intro to Helena, and we played. We finished, and Mikey said into the dead mic, "Great job Jordyn. Keep it up" I smiled and after that, the rest of the concert flew by. We all went backstage and Mikey picked me up and spun me around.