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some random stuff about me!

favorite color:purple
what are you currently listening to?:I'm Not Okay(I Promise) acoustic version (its on my last blog if you wanna see.)
pets:black lab/britney spanial mix, 2 years old
biggest fear:never getting to see mcr live
what i want most: some mcr merch!
fave channels on youtube:mychemicalromance,nigahiga,kevjumba,thedominicshow,chestersee
color of ipod:black with lime green case and purple headphones(matches my dream killjoy costume!)

oh sweet jesus!

this is just one of those songs that shouldn't work acoustic, but somehow does. its just amazing1 also notice how mikey is too cool for a stool.

I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living part 15

(Jordyn's point of view) We all backed up into the room, and the guys pulled out guns. Guns? Where'd they get guns? They wouldn't...shoot anyone, would they? "Jordyn, stay behind us." Ray said, as the men surrounded us. "We do not wish to kill you, or the girl. If we get the money, we'll leave you alone, no one gets hurt, and she can get medical attention for that little... paper cut, on her arm," one of them said, gesturing to the cloth on my arm, which was completely red with blood. I was beginning to fell woozy. mikey pulled out a huge wad of cash, and threw it at the man.

some mikey way pics!

pic 1: if you cant read what mikey is saying its "please be quiet.for once. for the love of unicorns PLEASE!

some pics!
holy. cute.

aw, brothers!

stuff about me!

Favorite Song-Bulletproof Heart
Favorite Food-mashed potatoes
Least Favorite Singer-Rebecca Black
Least Favorite Type of Music-rap
Favorite Show-teen titans (too bad they never show it anymore)
Favorite Saying-"Bucko!"
Favorite Book-The Hunger Games series
Favorite Graphic Novel-The Umbrella Academy
Worst Thing I've Ever Done-trust
Best Thing I've Ever Done-look up the music vid to Welcome To The Black Parade
Worst Grade I've Ever Gotten-66% D
Favorite Band- My Chemical Romance
Least Favorite Food-cranberries
Boyfriend's Name- I don't have one. :(
Favorite Name-boy:Jared girl:Bandit

some my chemical romance gifs

just click on them to see them move!

Am I the only one who finds this funny?

i just think its hilairious

I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living part 14

(Jordyn's point of view) I was still in the corner, when I heard footsteps coming down the hallway. The door creaked open, and 4 shadowy figures entered the room. It was too dark to see who they were, so I stayed as quiet as I could, but that was kind of hard since I was choking back sobs. 1 of them approached me, and I buried my face in my knees. They put a hand on my arm, which was still bleeding. I looked up, to see Mikey, with Ray,Frank, and Gerard behind him. I got up and hugged him, and I felt his arms wrap around me, and pretty soon Ray's,Frank's, and Gerard's too.