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Honestly, what do you think of my voice?

this is me singing Sugar We're goin down Swinging by Fall Out Boy please tell what you think of my voice!

so i was searching on google and i found some more pics
so i was searching on google and i found some funny pics
so i was searching on google and i found some funny pics
so i was searching on google and i found some funny pics
I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living part 24

(Alicia's point of view) "Thank you so much Alicia! It's amazing!" Jordyn gushed, grinning. "You know, you can call me mom now," I said, smiling. She seemed like a nice girl, and I loved having a daughter already. I could see her looking at the drum set, almost longingly, and I remembered that Mikey told me she couldn't play it for a week or two, until her arm was fully healed. "Well, let's get you two something to eat." I said turning and heading towards the kitchen.
(Jordyn's point of view) Alic-er mom, made us some yummy pasta, and I gobbled it down, then went up to my room to start


If you were a rock star, you.....

1. What's your instrument.
[ ] Electric guitar
[ ] Bass
[ ] Drum
[X] Voice
[ ] Other (*write which instrument*)

2. How will be the name for you band? (Write that)

The Outsiders

3. Are you in a band?
[ ] yes
[X] no
[ ] soon
[ ] maybe

4. What song you play? (Writte the song)

Well my fave to sing is Bulletproof Heart,Summertime,Helena,Welcome to the Black Parade, or Famous Last Words

5. What instrument you have?
[ ] Electric guitar
[ ] Bass
[ ] Drum
[x] Voice
[ ] Violin
[ ] Piano
[ ] acoustic guitar
[X] other....clarinet

6. Your nickname will be... (Write the

I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living part 23

(Mikey's point of view) I went over to Jordyn and stroked her hair, until her tears stopped falling. A nurse came in and said as long as everything keeps going well she could go home in two days, but that she wouldn't be able to use her arm for a week after that. Ray rescheduled the next couple tour dates so she could recover. Maybe we could go back to Jersey for a few days, and she could meet Alicia, also Alicia had one of our extra rooms remodeled with Jordyn's favorite colors, and I wanted to surprise her.
The next two days flew by, and they let her out of the hospital.

I Am Not Afraid to Keep On Living part 22

(Jordyn's point of view) Pretty soon, Gerard,Ray, and Frank walked in. Gerard gave me a picture he drew of all of us in our killjoy outfits, it was amazing! Ray hung it on the wall where I could see it while I was in the hospital. Frank brought me a new pair of drumsticks too! They were black with pink ivy and leaves down the sides, I couldn't wait to go home and use them. A little while later, the doctor came in, and started telling me all this stuff that I guess was wrong with me. It was scaring me and I started crying, which just made everything hurt even more. "Stop!

my movie soundtrack!

put your ipod on shuffle, this is going to be mostly mcr

Opening credits: Summertime--My Chemical Romance

Waking up: Party Poison--My Chemical Romance

First day at school: Welcome to the Black Parade--My Chemical Romance

Falling in love: I'm Not Okay (I Promise)--My Chemical Romance

Fight song: Dead!--My Chemical Romance

Breaking up: Spiderwebs--No Doubt

Life's OK: S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W--My Chemical Romance

Getting Back Together: I Don't Love You--My Chemical Romance

Wedding: Like a G6--Far East Movement

Birth of child: The Only Hope For Me Is You--my Chemical Romance

Final Battle: The Ghost of