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I'm sorry but...

I'm not going to message anyone when I write new parts to my fanfics, I have a few people that want me to, but, I'm sorry, I just can't do that, it takes too much time.

I'll Never Let Them Hurt You Part 19

Once I realized who I was running towards, I stopped short, and so did the double agent chasing me. I was in the middle of Poison and him, looking back and forth. I didn't want Poison to hurt me, but I didn't want this guy to catch me either. The drac must've seen the tension between me and Poison, because he smirked and put his gun away. "Major, come here, what are you doing?" Poison asked looking at me. I looked away, blinking back tears. "I don't know what came over me, Hydrogen. I didn't mean to hit you, I promise." Then why did you? I thought, but I said nothing.

Vampire Band part 27

"Ready?" CC asked as I slipped on a leather jacket. I nodded, conjuring a smile. He smiled and and followed me out the door, where him and the other BVB boys changed into wolves,sniffing a trail to the Satanisti wolf cult. I looked behind to see the MCR guys and Kelly running after me and the BVB boys, all of us creating a blur of vampires and wolves running. After a while, Jinxx who had picked up the scent first, turned down an alley,stopping at the end and looking back at us. I walked past him and pulled open the heavy door and walked inside, before hearing a short bark behind me.

I'll Never Let Them Hurt You Part 18

"Major! Wait!" I heard Poison yelling as he ran after me, but I just ran faster, wiping the tears blurring my vision and stinging my red cheeks, which hurt from the hit. "I didn't me to! I wasn't thinking!" his voice was getting quieter. good. I kept running not sure where I was going, anywhere but there was good. I knew poison has a temper, I just didn't think he would resort to violence like that. i stopped and sat down on a rock, sniffling and wiping the tears away. I had no idea where to go now. I guess I could just be a solitary killjoy, their are plenty of those in the zones.

I'll Never Let Them Hurt You Part 17

"How about this?" "That's short, it has to come to my waist." Me and Kobra were sifting through the bins of clothes they had collected for killjoys, as I tried to find a black leather jacket to replace my purple one, as I was getting tired of it. The guys had snapped me out of the brainwashing, and Frank finally untied me yesterday after i got my facts straight. "Perfect!" I smiled as Kobra Kid pulled a worn black leather jacket out of a pile.

Vampire Band part 26

"NO!" I screamed, flying up out of my bed. I put my head in my hands, shaking and trying to make sense of the dreams. I felt a protective arm around my shoulder and looked up. Jake. He must've of heard me first. I buried my head in his chest and took ragged breaths until i calmed down. "Are they getting worse?" Jake asked once I put my head up. It was still early, but i couldn't go back to bed yet. I nodded. "The wolf was trying to kill me, but...but he killed all of you first, then came for me. It was awful." i whispered the last sentence, holding back tears.

Vampire Band part 25

"Andy?" I said, peeking through the doorway to the room he shared with Ash. We had plenty of room here, but not enough where we didn't have to share sometimes. He looked up from the notebook he was writing in and smiled. "Yes?" "You know those dreams I've been having?" He nodded, looking at me with his piercing blue eyes."Do you know anything about a wolf pack that is similar to the Satanisti, but with werewolves?" He frowned, before nodding and standing up. "Actually, they are another branch of the Satanisti, the werewolf branch.

I'll Never Let Them Hurt You Part 16

When I woke up, only Poison was in the room, staring intently at me from a chair across the room. "Red streaks." he said, not breaking his gaze. "What?" I answered. "Red streaks. Don't you remember? I let you use my hair dye, you used to have red streaks...they dyed your hair back to brown." he said, running his fingers through his bright red hair. I shook my head. "I hate color. News forbids color." I said slowly, pulling on the ropes that held my wrists. "No you don't. You love color." He picked up my black and green gun. "Kobra repainted this for you before you left. Don't you remember?

I'll Never Let Them Hurt You Part 15

Pretty soon, Fun Ghoul stopped hugging me, but Party Poison, Jet Star and Kobra Kid followed soon after, hugging and yelling and smiling. Kobra handed me a colorful bundle of clothing and told me I could go change. News said they would do this. I nodded, smiled weakly, and slipped into a room in the diner to change. I popped another pill that would make my eyes stay brown, and shrugged on the purple jacket that was in the bundle of clothes. I was lucky, I didn't have to take pills anymore to keep my drac side, the injections did that for me.

I'll Never Let Them Hurt You Part 14

(Party Poison's pov)
"PICK THE FUCKING GUN UP AND SHINE IT, JESUS CHRIST WOULD IT KILL YOU TO WASH THAT THING?" Ghoul yelled in my face while pointing to my dusty gun. After he finished his face immediately turned to guilt and he relaxed. "I'm sorry Poison, I didn't mean to yell at you I'm just a little-" "On edge I know. We all are." I finished for him, putting a hand on his shoulder. It's true. We've all been on edge since last week. Major was supposed to contact us on a radio she stole from a drac 2 days ago, and we haven't heard from her.