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Please!! I need ideas!

As some of you know, I am writing a fanfic called Vampire Band, and I'm up to about part 13, but I have major writer's block. I need some ideas of what should happen to Jordyn, remember, we left off at her running away and then getting chased and she feels a sharp pain in her back then passes out and all that, meanwhile the guys and Kelly decide to wait a while before rescuing her. So, I need some ideas of what should happen to her? Do they brainwash her? or just keep her tied up in a room? or something else. i need some ideas guys! If i use your idea, ill give you credit. Thanks in advance.

Vampire Band part 13(and a funny pic)

(Kelly's point of view) I followed the guys back to their hideout, meanwhile a million questions were running through my head. Jordyn was a vampire, and she had powers? My Chemical Romance are vampires? How did Jordyn end up with them? Are we going to go back and get Jordyn? Am I really 2 feet away from my four role models? I followed the guys into their spacious apartment, where we all sat around the kitchen table, all four of them staring at me with blood-red vampire eyes. "So..who are you?" Mikey asked. "Um, I'm Jordyn's friend, Kelly. I'm a newblood too." I answered.

Vampire Band part 12

Wait. That was Kelly! I don't go to school anymore, who needs school when you can read other people's minds, but before i was a vampire, me and Kelly had bonded over My Chem, we both loved them! Wow, she's a vampire too? "Reconize her? I thought so." said Darius, as Kelly looked up at me in surprise. "Let's see. You join the Satanisti, we'll release your friend. You refuse, and she dies." Vincent said, gesturing to Killer and Kelly. Killer put Kelly into a chokehold, and Kelly looked at me with pleading blood-red vampire eyes.

I love cleverbot!

This is how our conversation went

m:Do you like the band My Chemical Romance?
c:Their a good band.
m: I know right?
c: You seem to.
m: I love them. Who's your favorite member of the band?
c:Mikey Way. who's your favorite member?
m: I would have to say Frank Iero.
(now heres where it got weird)
c: I make fried rice out of dogs.
m: Frank Iero will find you and kill you.
m: oh yes. Then his fans will find you and kill you again.
c: I'd rather not.
m:too late, he's already on his way. He's gonna bash you over the head with his guitar.
c: I wanna go back to the future.


My Chemical Romance is losing to 30 seconds to mars, so go vote! NOW! AND THEN VOTE AGAIN AND AGAIN!

30 days of My Chemical Romance:Day 4 and 5

Day 4: Favorite song from 3 cheers for sweet revenge
i would have to say i love Helena, the video and the song, and whenever I see Frank in the vid doing that thing where you point to the different parts of your body at the beginning of the vid, i always think, oh he already knew how to do that because he went to catholic school
Day 5: Favorite song from the black parade
I love Mama, or Famous Last Words

Attention fellow Killjoys! Me and my friends need your help!

so were starting a band, and we need a name, so far we have
Black Fall
The Relics (this might be taken, we don't know)
The Kids From Yesterday:Today
The Stop-Motion Movers
so can you give me some more names please? thanks!

Come on guys!

so, My Chemical Romance hasn't had a trend on twitter in a while, so everyone tweet the hashtag #KeepRunning, and maybe Frank or Ray (Gee and Mikey never go on twitter anymore) will see it! reblog this, and start tweetin' killjoys!
-Major Hydrogen

so these guys on youtube

danisnotonfire, and amazingphil, they did a radio show on bbc on christmas day, and they got to pick the songs they played inbetween them talking, and they pick Famous Last Words! that was the only song where after it played, they were like, amazing song! i love them!

30 days of My Chemical Romance day 3:Favorite song from Bullets?

I love Vampires Will Never Hurt You,I just love it!