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to all killjoys please read:)

Don't think you can be a Killjoy just because it sounds cool. You need to know this stuff like the back of your hand. It's complicated and you can't just waltz into this world thinking you know all. You NEED to know what you're doing or else the Dracs will get you. This isn't a group of people you should mess with. You need to need to know what you're doing and saying or we can tell you aren't a real Killjoy and we will shun you. This isn't something to mess with. It's got its own little system and it'll work perfectly fine without the fakers.


i luvvv him:)


ugh.... i wish there was another killjoy at my skool... i feel like i cant tlk about mcr because everyones like eww, who?, theyre gay.... and other stuff :( and too make it worse im in friggin 8th grade:(

hopefully i can go to the concert.

and i hate how everyone says i can sing and im awesome but then im never gonna amount to anything. and i wanna learn how to play guitar but i cant find a teacher,

does anyone know how to play guitar, and have any hints????????????:( please help

killjoys :)

my killjoy name is gonna be punk princess:) but im not sure any advice from my fellow killjoys:)???

killjoy name. help please?!

everyone has a killjoy name,:( can anybody help me get one? please help its important to me lol