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May 6:) cant wait

Whos going to mcr concert in philly!!!!???:)))


I want to meet gerard way and frank iero<33


Planning to wear my killjoy look sometime tíme this week:)
Hopefully itll help me feel better about what happened with my family:(
I wish my grandparents and uncle werent in my life:(


im having problems i wanna dress like a killjoy but i dont know what to wear

and what could i say thts very killjoyish:P??



im really bored:)
my chemical romance was stuck in my head all dayyyy long:)
i guess thts what happens when u fall asleep listening to them:)
i had an awesome dream last night:))))

dear killjoys:)

i wanna record a song of mcr:)
but i dont know which one??????

any advice:)

same as th eother video
ok i knowi suck just tell me wat u think please:)

can anyone help me write a song im havin a bit of writers block:P

tell me if this is funny:)

hard to beleive but its gerard way:)
or gee:))))))))<3

when he was in 8th or 9th grade:)
hes so chubby:)
and adorable:)