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god bless japan

when i heard, i cried, i shed a tear, upon the deaths that happened that day.
a tear for their graves. i know im not the only one.
i wish them luck


what killjoy name is better?
saphire pitch<3**
punk princess*~*


ewww i hate skool... im in it right now im using the dumb stupid labtops.... everyones supposedly working on a project... while a have a huge stomachache.:( helppppp

on the other hand any advice i like this kid weve been friends for 6 years and i started a problem i tlked about his gf even though he kissed me the day befor... and then he dumped her a day later so wth.... i still like him but i dont know what to do!!!! helpppp

awwwwwwwwwwwww! frerard!

interviewer-so i hear there are some new mcr children coming?
gee- yeah were actually thinking of getting a family bus...

WTH! hahahaha

check! this chick out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

this chick is awesome!

gee and frank<3

i luvv them soooo much theyre sooo cute arnt they????!!!!

TO ALL KILLJOYS! (para todos los killjoys)

We're more than a fanbase.
We're more than an army.
We're more than a FORCE OF NATURE.
We're a family.
And families won't let each other take anyone's shit. Families won't let anyone take anyone else alive. Families won't push each other round, we stick together, through and through. And we're gonna see each other out through the tough days, celebrate with us through our good days, and hold us when we're tired and sore and sick of life. And No-one can tear us apart.
Xx Death Kitty xX
~Madame Portrait
~Fraulein Arson
~Sam Shell
~Katie Brent
~*Apocalyptic Princess*
~mychemicalmartha aka

cant wait till may ¨)

") from south america...
its my second week in uruguay.
and i have 1 week left to go back to philly.
so far ive gotten 2 chics to become mcr fanatics") hehe
too bad i didnt meet a true killjoy yet "(
but theres still hope!
on may 6 im seeing mcr in philly!!!! im extremly happy!

well talk to me=)
*!*!*punk princess signing off*!*!*