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Hi guys (: I've been looking everywhere online places you can make money and my friend told me about this site that actually works and before I try it out I wanted to tell people cause I mean, who doesn't need money xP
My friend sent me the link (:

Apparently he made 150$ in less than a week (:

i need new friends.

anyone in the mood to have awesome conversations ? :D



I just realized I've been obsessing with relationships and guys. and now I listen to make room!!!!
and I realize... theres so much more important stuff. therefore. i'm going to start a band and be heard. anyone in? <3


Hi, my name's Mahella. I know most people mightnot even take a second to read this over. If you do, i appreciate it.
Im 14 turning 15 and i'm not havg a good relationship at home with my dad and i need to get ou of here. i need help.
And, was thinking of selling my art on
But, i'm not sure if it would be worth my time.
I was wondering how many of my fellow killoys would be willing to buy my art, ad help me out?
i know you guys don't know if i'm any good. but promise you i am. and to prove it. i will take requests from people and draw them. if you like it you could buy it.

try to

help creative killjoys <3!

okayy, ive had the worst beginning for 2012 so far, and i think that the only way to start anew is to change.... what i want to change is my hair. it's already died in a (brownish/redish/blondish) kind of thing. so all i need is a cut. :) but, i dont know what kind of cut... :/ i need help! can anyone help me!:) and if u live in philly, and u like cutting peoples hair, ill let u cut mine :) <3 help please :)


okayyyyyy so since i have no life, and i feel lonely as hell ;( i need more nice friends on facebook. :) add me please
Mahella IeroWay

calling all killjoys:)

all right so im starting 9th grade in september at lincoln high skool in philadelphia:),,, do u know anyone that goes there or that lives in philly that likes mcr? or is a true killjoy:):):) i barly know anyone in high skool so ud be helping me plenty if u knew someone:):) thnk u:)

thank you my chemical romance<3

with the whole hurricane irene thing happening i can do nothing but worry.
especially since my best friend moved to new jersey, we still talk but shes in new jersey, and supposedly hurricane irene was gonna hit new jersey,,,
i alos had my heart set to move to newark new jersey,, but im afraid it might also be hit by irene since it is right next to new york,,,,

for the past 2 days i have been worrying nonstop and mcr is practically the only thing that calms me down,,,
i listen to them all night long since i cant sleep,
i want to thank them and my fellow killjoys for always being there for meh

evan sawdye

did u guys see what this dude wrote about mcr!? ima kill this guy!

mcr blink 182 concert.

okay sooo wait,,,, is mcr like the extra band that starts the show??? or is it like their concert tooo???? i wanna go but if mcr is gonna play like 5 songs, and blink 182 is gonna have full time i might as well not go...