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The world sickens me honestly

Why must the world revolve around sex? I think it should be only between the person you love and yourself, so why must everyone in the world be perves and have everything about it? Ya know? i started thinking about this when i was at work because some people were complaining about a girl we work with being a whore. Like, i can't understand why people like rap so much because it's all about sex. I know some rock songs are, but at least its not getting graphic like nasty lil waynes lollipop song. Why can't songs mean something? The world is beginning to sicken me more everyday. Especially after i seen on the news girls at the age of 8 and 9 dancing sexually at a contest to Beyonce's single ladies songs.

Music should be about life. Sex should be kept in the bedroom. America is revolving around this way too much. It is in other countries yes, but US seems to be getting worse and worse. Especially with the music.

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My little girl

I love these pics

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Fuck I'm pissed off

Can't even state a fucking opinion. I said i don't like weed and i hope mcr don't do it on that pic of the books of all the marijuana. I had a hard day at work and just got home, i don't need people's bullshit.

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Weddings are hectic

So I'm getting married June 16. That's the day of mine and my fiance's 2 year anniversary too. We've barely got anything done for this. It's so stressful!! DX

It's not going to be anything fancy. Just a little spring wedding...with a random Nightmare before Christmas wedding cake :) And pizza at the reception XD

I don't know, i felt like sharing. And I'm not much for blogging...haha.

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This is my 2 month old daughter Alexandria. I'm very sleepy because of her haha.


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This is completely awesome. I didn't expect such an awesome surprise when i opened my email a few minutes ago :D This is so cool!

This shit totally made my day XD

Add me? :)

<3 Heather