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This is my theory...

Since Justin Beiber apparently hasn't hit puberty yet (and he's 16 almost 17 I think, is that even possible?!?!) then either when he finally does then it will hit him so fucking hard he will really suck (not that he doesn't now) Or we will find out he is a girl who is really a lesbian.

My vote is on the second one.

Good god people stop your fucking bitching

I'm very disappointed in some of you my chem fans. Why? Because some of you just won't stop bitching about Gerard's hair. one blog was even complaining they miss the old Gerard and had a pic of him with black hair and a pic of him with blonde hair. What the fuck?

I'm just going to say the same damn thing I said on Hot Topic's facebook to all the people who where complaining about his hair. God Damn just shut the fuck up and lay off Gerard already! He can do whatever the fuck he wants with his hair, do you know why? Because it's HIS fucking hair!

If he wants to go blonde for a little so be


I watched Life on the Murder Scene, and I'm in the middle of watching The Black Parade is dead. I haven't watched them in forever! Plus I got my husband to wear one of my MCR shirts (it's a guys shirt anyway of course so it fits him XD) He's celebrating mcr day with me cuz he knows how much mcr means to me :) And I have my Mikey Fucking Way shirt on, I hardly wear because i bought it at a my chem concert, but today is special :D

Happy international My Chem Day

Wish I could actually do something for it D: I wanna make a cake, like I've always wanted to make an MCR cake for something, whether it be for one of their bdays or whatever, but I never got the my hubby thinks it's a little obsessive...and it kinda is...but I don't care :D

Maybe I'll draw something...if I have the time. Hope you all have a good imcrd :D

I love this band

Versailles, and amazing Jrock band :D And no, none of them are girls. They are all men XD

Gerard is awesome just for doing this

not many people like Japanese music, and people said that they were disappointed because Gerard sang with a Japanese singer. But I find this amazing, I love Final Fantasy, and I love J Rock. Hell I would love this even if I didn't know who Gerard was. :)

I just want to say, Gerard you are awesome! I'm so happy you did this song with Kyosuke Himuro :)

Does anyone play Gaia?

just curious. they just released a new chance item, one item in it resembling MCR and it's called dead parade :)

If you play add me :D i'm MagicUserGirl

I found the biggest Win Ever!

Neither my husband or I can stand Twilight. When we were on our honeymoon we went to Hot Topic one day and we found this. I couldn't help but take a pic :D

I know I cannot be the only one who finds this funny XD


I got married on Wednesday, these are just a few pics from my wedding. Ignore the crooked tiara though, nobody told me about it until a few pictures later lol.

wedding madness!

My wedding is in 10 days! I'm going to be a Hamm XD

But this wedding is going nothing like i want it to be. It has to be for everyone else :( They have to sit under an ugly tent that I don't like because they are going to bitch that it's hot...and they only have to sit there for 10 mins! If i don't get the tents then we aren't allowed to have the wedding there. It's stupid. and The dumb ass who is marrying me and my fiance won't marry us at the time we had planned, because it's bad luck.