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New Vid

I hate the Na-Na-Na crap. I really really do. But I love how the vid looks. it reminds me of a comic book thing.

Don't call me a hater. Cuz I'm not at all. I'm actually quite pissed off at all the assholes that are calling me a hater because of the fact that I don't like the na-na-na. Even though that is a fact, I am still hooked on the transmissions page, and I still eagerly await the album.

I just saw the video thingy

It's all one big mindfuck D: I think they are having fun teasing us about this stuff lol. XD

But I'm so excited that I can't sit still! I'm afraid to look away from the computer screen cuz I'm afraid I will miss something important D:

I just want to say

Congratulations to Mr. Frank Iero on the two baby girls. You will love parenthood :) And I think you'll be an awesome dad XD


I am so glad the site is back up and running with the blogs and stuff. I've missed this :)

This is amazing!
Happy birthday to me

I'm 20 :p

I got a text from my mom saying
"Happy birthday, you're 20 now. So it's all downhill from here and soon you'll be 40 like me."

I Lol'd. I told her "no, i have to go uphill first to get there, it would make no sense to go downhill to get to 40, cuz it's a higher number XD"

My family is a bunch of goofballs I swear XD

I'm turning 20 on Monday

Whooo! But unfortunately I have to crappy mcdonalds...with a guy I cannot stand at all. I get along with everyone there, but the new guy is a pig. Everyone hates him, and me and him got into a fight last time we worked together.

Everyone is so shocked that happened lol, because I'm the quiet one...

I think I'll try to make the best of it...I'm going to make cookies to take into work :) And he can't have any of them *evil laugh*

I just felt like sharing =^_^=

This is annoying

I have a pending friend request from yesterday that will not go away. I click deny and it stays! I don't want to be friends with that chick! D: Please make it go away ^^; I've tried many many times to deny but it will not...

Halloween slowly creeping up

Halloween stuff is slowly starting to pop up. Which is awesome, it's my favorite holiday :D And I get to take my daughter Trick or treating this year :) I'm already planning it, now I just have to figure out what to dress her up as. the possibilities are endless XD

The picture was taken a few days ago at a baby store :) Isn't she cute :D

I'm excited <3

If you have a facebook, join this page please!!/pages/Justice-for-Lola-the-Cat/14247...

A woman threw a cat into a trash bin a few days ago, and the poor thing was stuck in there for 15 hours. The police know who did it, but they will not press charges. This page is to help bring justice for Lola the cat.

I hate animal abuse so much! and when I saw the video of her throwing that kitty into a trash can I got so angry! How would she feel if someone threw her into a trash can! :( It makes me so mad.