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The only hope for me is you

I just heard this all honesty the beginning really sucks! It was awful, I came so close to turning it off, but thank god the song got better.

It's definitely not their best though :/

Dudes, I am majorly jealous of you people in the UK...

You're getting all the mcr stuff first D: Kerrang isn't sold in the US, and if it's in certain barnes and noble it sure is hell isn't in one in Kentucky D: (i've looked for one before...)



you know...I've never been able to stand batman. If you think about it he is a really bad super hero. He doesn't have any powers! He's just a rich guy who buys weapons. He sucks... I like Spiderman much more.

Sorry if you like batman, I'm just trying to kill some time and this is the only thing I could think to blog about. ^^;


In the preview I thought it would be awful, but it turned out amazing! And now I'm dancing around to it, constantly singing it, and wishing it would come on the radio at work.

Killjoy names

I don't have one. I don't really want one to be honest. Why does everyone want to copy and have a killjoy name and be a killjoy for Halloween. It's just something from the album, why be clones?

Just curious :)


Is complete bullshit and is not necessary at all! It's a bullshit excuse to get out of something, and if you think that suicide is going to make everything better then you're full of shit. There is always someone out there who cares about you. Friends and Family.

I don't want to see anyone on here, ESPECIALLY if they are members of the mcrmy! If someone claims to be an mcr fan and they commit suicide, I hate to say it but you were never a fan at all! Because you didn't listen to their words, nor the lyrics in their music.

I know that life gets rough sometimes, but it always gets better.

Rock band

MCR is finally on Rockband. Whoo hoo!

I just realised...

November is the worst possible time for this album to be released lol. There is no way that I will be able to buy it! With me working at a crappy fast food restaurant and being the only one working right now there's no way. So much stuff is in November! My hubby's birthday, Thanksgiving (which I'm going to try and make my own little feast this year. Yay <3) So I have to save money for that, plus save money for Christmas presents, and then my daughter's birthday is exactly a month after my husbands...

And if MCR does end up coming near here for their tour, I doubt I'd be able to go ^^; I'm


My arm hurts so bad!! I think I probably pulled a muscle from lifting stuff that was too heavy at work...but when I saw the date the album was coming out I got excited, and I heard the full version of the Nanana song I got excited (even though I still hate the nanana in it...) decided I like the rest of the song, jumped up and jerked my arm and hurt it even more from being overly excited.

I hope MCR come to Kentucky

I really do...Or Cincinatti OH cuz that's pretty close too. I don't think I could handle another trip to Columbus OH. I seen MCR and Metallica there...and that's a long long car ride XD

I refuse to sing Nanananana, but I am so very curious about other songs, and my chem is so kick ass in concert. I saw them May 4, 2008. And I swear that was one of the best days of my life. I would love to see them again sometime :)