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Does anyone else miss the old Hot Topic?

Hot Topic used to be a store that sold kick ass gothic clothes and good music. Now it's all preppy clothing and Rap and Lady gaga shit on the walls D: They barely play any good music these days, and hardly get good band t-shirts. Mostly little preppy bands x_x I miss my goth store...


I've seen Sing on TV 3 times today, plus just a few minutes ago it was on 3 different music channels. Great job mcr, the video is amazing and it seems to be really popular XD (why wouldn't it be, it's completely amazing!)

I just watched MCR on Jimmy Kimmel

Damn what a boring show, but worth the wait. Loved seeing them perform. Oh I wish I could see them in concert again. They are so much fun live XD

So after listening to the album...

I have decided not to buy it. In all honesty there are only a few songs that I actually like on it. But that's okay, I still love my chem. It doesn't make them any less great, I'm just not into that type of music that's all. I will say though that i am in love with the song Bulletproof Heart. I could listen to that song over and over again and it would never get old. That is my new favorite song XD

I may not like the new album, but who cares, the rest of you do and that's all that matters :) I will just patiently await new music and rock out to the older albums while I wait.

Kentucky fans?

Who out there is from Kentucky? I want to know ^_^

Tour dates

None of the tour dates are near me x_x The closest is Cleveland OH...and that's about 4 or 5 hours away. I can't do that :p *sigh* Kentucky always gets the shit end of the stick Dx Chicago is just as far. Phooey.

I hate Hot Topic now

But if by some miracle My Chem ended up at the hot topic in my area, I would probably die. And would do anything possible to get my ass up there o.o I may not like the new songs that much but damn I still want to meet them. Oh why oh why must I live in Kentucky ;___; the most exciting thing that ever came to my mall was Avril Lavigne and that was about 8 years ago... I was 12 years old. :/ Now Hot Topic gets these crappy sounding prep bands.

I miss Hot Topic when it was goth. It's all preppy now. So I don't shop there anymore. The only time I do is when I need eyeliner.

I'm sorry but...

Does anyone think that the new song Sing sounds awful? I mean, I'm absolutely in love with how the video looks, but when I heard the full song there was nothing I liked about it. :(

Just so you know...

On my last blog when I said 99% of pop sucks, I meant american pop. Admit it, this mainstream pop sucks really bad... XD

I wasn't going to post another blog on here, but I like the MCRmy too much lol.

I'm hoping that this album isn't a complete bust. There's no doubt in my mind that some of the songs will still be great. But the music video to Nanana was pretty bad...and the only hope for me is you is a pretty bad song... (the beginning is at least) So I'm going to listen to the album beforehand before deciding to buy it. And if I don't like it, no biggy.


The new video was awful. I thought it would be more of a piece of art than that. But instead it looked like a bunch of crap just thrown together. Nothing went with each other, and I couldn't keep up with the story at all because it all happened at random times.

And then there's the new single, which has those shitty pop sounds in the beginning and Gerard's beautiful voice is messed up...

One question, what the fuck happened to "we miss being a rock band." because this sure as hell isn't ROCK.