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Well I won't be able to see MCR in concert anytime soon, but I will be going to the next best thing on May 10. Seether and the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus :D Hell yessssss. I am just waiting for my tickets to come in the mail. My Darkest Days will also be there, but I only know one song by them...but I do believe this will be one of the most awesome concerts will ever go to :D So very excited :D

Kinda depressed

Tonight is the show in Cleveland OH. Really sad that's the closest concert to me...and super sad that it's almost 6 hours away D: Come on MCR, do you really hate Cincinnati and/or anywhere in Kentucky?! We need you're amazingness. Last time I saw you in concert was May 4 2008 in Columbus OH, and that was a 3 hour drive D: If there were any tour dates there again I may have went (I have a kid so even I'm iffy with that...)

Please come to Cincinnati! That's only less than an hour away from me. It's been 3 years, I'm ready to see my heroes rock that stage again.

On a brighter note I may be

It's been a while

Since I have logged in here. I am very happy to see MCR helping Japan :)

So how are you killjoys?

I hate my job

My bosses keep mixing personal life with work because of some stupid drama that happened with a manager and a crew member. The shit happened outside of work never while at work. Now they aren't allowed to speak to each other, my friend isn't allowed to visit on her days off whether or not he is managing that night or not, and she wanted my hours for Friday and they are making me switch back because he works that night. It's all bullshit, I made plans with my friend for Friday.

still hoping for a Kentucky date

Pretty please Mcr? :) Sometime?? I don't care if it's months after the tour now lol. I would love to see you guys in concert again. Without the long drive lol. Northern Kentucky or a Cincinnati date would be great :)


I'm so happy!

I have the best hubby ever. He let me buy something I've been wanting to get for my Sailor Moon collection for a while. A sailor Chibi Moon Nakayoshi baby doll! I only spent $130 for it :) That seems like a lot of money, but these dolls go for way much more. Like $300 new in box. I got mine loose, but she's in great condition. Never thought I'd have one. and now I can't wait for it to come in the mail :D

I know nobody will know what the crap I'm talking about but I'm really excited and I felt like sharing :]


so last night I liked Wonka candy on Facebook. I was horrified to find the page crawling with Justine boober fans because they are having a contest. I posted a comment saying "I love Wonka candy, I hate Justine..." and this little brat popped up and started going nuts on me XD She was like "Excuse me? omg why would you post something like that where all his fans are." and "I love him so much that I have to hurt anyone who says that or thinks that about him." hahahahaha! Justine boober fans are so annoying, but I got a good laugh.

Is anyone else getting tired of Sing

Don't get me wrong, the video is amazing. But good gosh, Everytime I see them on TV they sing Sing, or turn on the radio it's Sing, every performance they do for something is Sing. I just turned MCR from the TV because I didn't want to listen to it again lol.

Just sayin, there are more songs than sing. Better songs too :)

I am so jealous of Italy

I am a big collector of Sailor Moon items, and Italy is getting all sorts of new merch. Including a Sailor Moon DS Game!! I can't wait to buy it! :O

I am such a nerd lol. But I am so excited about new merch XD I just wish It would be easier to get....

I fucking love 3 Cheers for Sweet Revenge!!

Listening to it right now.

It has to be the best album ever from anyone. And it will always be my favorite :')