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My Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga came in the mail today :D It's a happy day when you get new Sailor Moon merch, after you've been waiting for years and years for them to make new :D and this is the first time Sailor V has ever been available in the US <3 I'm so happy <3

I knew about these months ago, but I didn't pre-order them because I actually wanted to go into the store to buy them on the first day (last Tuesday) but I ended up sick that day and couldn't :( So I ended up buying them off amazon that night (ended up being cheaper anyway) and had to wait over week to get them.

My Chem

The concert tonight was absolutely incredible! I didn't stay for Blink 182 though, partially cuz I don't really care for them and I only know one song, mostly because almost everyone there was drinking beer and we didn't wanna deal with anyone's drunk driving...

There's wasn't much MCR merch though :( I was able to get a tour shit and a poster...there was a few more MCR shirts at another stand, but a shit ton of Blink 182 stuff D: But I'm quite happy with my shirt and poster XD

my 21st birthday is on the 30th, so this was like an early birthday present.

Tomorrow!!! :D

Cincinnati Show! My Chem finally in Cincy! I'm so excited >w<

MCR watch

I was just admiring the new watch it shows as soon as you come on MCRs page, I was like "oooooohhhh that's cool" then I saw the price...Sorry MCR it's cool but I don't want it bad enough to pay $125 haha, maybe when it goes on sale XD

Can't wait until August 21st

Gonna spend the day at Coney Island because I have tickets that need to be used and just because Riverbend is right by Coney Island haha. And then go see MCR in concert :D I should probably take a change of clothes so I don't end up going to the concert all sweaty already haha XD August can't get here soon enough :D

Got muh tickets for Cincy august 21 :D

Section 100 seats 120 and 121. I'm so happy :D

cincy show

I really hope that tickets to the Cincinnati show don't sell out before I get to them. A friend who is going told me that sections 100 through 300 are sold out and so are pit tickets D: On ticket master I can only find seats in the back :( and I've been looking since pre sale day D: Of course I am poor and I can't afford them right now anyway, I just hope that these seats won't be sold out before I finally have the money :( I've been waiting so long for MCR to come to cincinnati. Soooo fucking long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


why must your concert tickets be so expensive :(

So impatient lol

I wish it was June I can buy my Cincinnati tickets XD I am so freaking excited about this. MCR in Cincinnati. a half hour drive. not a 3 hour drive, not a 6 or 7 hour drive. only half an hour. :D

soooooooo happy <3 I can't wait until August 21 :D

I am soooo happy!!

My chemical Romance is coming to Cincinnati OH. Guys that's like a half hour away from me, and it's only 9 days before my birthday. I could cry happy tears of joy right now :D SO FUCKING EXCITED!

I just hope tickets sell on Ticketmaster and not Livenation. I was supposed to see Seether and red jumpsuit apparatus on the 10, but Livenation never sent me my tickets :(