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My Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga came in the mail today :D It's a happy day when you get new Sailor Moon merch, after you've been waiting for years and years for them to make new :D and this is the first time Sailor V has ever been available in the US <3 I'm so happy <3

I knew about these months ago, but I didn't pre-order them because I actually wanted to go into the store to buy them on the first day (last Tuesday) but I ended up sick that day and couldn't :( So I ended up buying them off amazon that night (ended up being cheaper anyway) and had to wait over week to get them. They were supposed to be here yesterday, but oh well. I'm just so happy :) 21 years old and buying Sailor Moon shit XD Gonna be Sailor Moon for Halloween too and walk around with my 1 year old daughter trick or treating XD

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My Chem

The concert tonight was absolutely incredible! I didn't stay for Blink 182 though, partially cuz I don't really care for them and I only know one song, mostly because almost everyone there was drinking beer and we didn't wanna deal with anyone's drunk driving...

There's wasn't much MCR merch though :( I was able to get a tour shit and a poster...there was a few more MCR shirts at another stand, but a shit ton of Blink 182 stuff D: But I'm quite happy with my shirt and poster XD

my 21st birthday is on the 30th, so this was like an early birthday present. and honestly, the best fucking (early)birthday ever!

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Tomorrow!!! :D

Cincinnati Show! My Chem finally in Cincy! I'm so excited >w<

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MCR watch

I was just admiring the new watch it shows as soon as you come on MCRs page, I was like "oooooohhhh that's cool" then I saw the price...Sorry MCR it's cool but I don't want it bad enough to pay $125 haha, maybe when it goes on sale XD

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Can't wait until August 21st

Gonna spend the day at Coney Island because I have tickets that need to be used and just because Riverbend is right by Coney Island haha. And then go see MCR in concert :D I should probably take a change of clothes so I don't end up going to the concert all sweaty already haha XD August can't get here soon enough :D

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Got muh tickets for Cincy august 21 :D

Section 100 seats 120 and 121. I'm so happy :D

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cincy show

I really hope that tickets to the Cincinnati show don't sell out before I get to them. A friend who is going told me that sections 100 through 300 are sold out and so are pit tickets D: On ticket master I can only find seats in the back :( and I've been looking since pre sale day D: Of course I am poor and I can't afford them right now anyway, I just hope that these seats won't be sold out before I finally have the money :( I've been waiting so long for MCR to come to cincinnati. Soooo fucking long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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why must your concert tickets be so expensive :(

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So impatient lol

I wish it was June I can buy my Cincinnati tickets XD I am so freaking excited about this. MCR in Cincinnati. a half hour drive. not a 3 hour drive, not a 6 or 7 hour drive. only half an hour. :D

soooooooo happy <3 I can't wait until August 21 :D

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I am soooo happy!!

My chemical Romance is coming to Cincinnati OH. Guys that's like a half hour away from me, and it's only 9 days before my birthday. I could cry happy tears of joy right now :D SO FUCKING EXCITED!

I just hope tickets sell on Ticketmaster and not Livenation. I was supposed to see Seether and red jumpsuit apparatus on the 10, but Livenation never sent me my tickets :(