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My Favorite from Conventional Weapons

The World is Ugly and The Light Behind your eyes. These are the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in my life! I think it's safe to say these have become my ultimate favorite MCR songs as well :) But let's face it, all the songs are amazingly awesome XD

I feel old...

I'm not really on here much anymore, but when I am I feel like an old lady lol. I'm 22 lol. Seems like the only people on here are a million teenagers...I'm in the wrong place lol.

I've been listening to MCR since I was 16, and I still love them as much as I did then :) But I still feel like an old lady on here lol. I have waaaay too much free time...

Just writing

I'm so happy I was able to get my daughter's christmas/birthday presents out of the way. I sold my treasures to get the money for her. I sold my MCR masks and The Black Parade is dead coffin set for my daughter. They were just sitting in my closet anyway, but it still pained me to get rid of them...The masks were sent safely, but the coffin I have no idea! The buyer was being so picky and when I finally got it sent out they kept harassing me because they didn't get it yet...the mail got slowed down because of holidays.

My Chemical Romance stuff for sale

Bob Bryar's mask and the very rare limited coffin set with Ray Toro's mask (no CD). I already sold Frank's mask. I really need money to pay for my daughter's christmas. Plus these would probably be better with a fan, I have no place to display them. They have been stored away in my closet for a while.

Honestly...I hate parting with these...I pre ordered the coffin set back in 2008. I at least hope that these go to a fan who will take care of

Bob Bryar Mask for sale

It didn't sell last time and this time someone didn't read the auction description *facepalm* The one bid on there is from Mexico...and I say I only ship in the US because shipping is awful expensive to ship anywhere else. I messaged them and they haven't replied yet....I really need to sell this, I have to pay for my daughter's christmas. Both my husband and I are having problems finding jobs. I'm in rock bottom right now... *sigh* I also have to list my black parade is dead coffin set with Ray's mask here soon.

Ebay items ending soon

I have 2 My Chemical Romance Black Parade is Dead masks up on Ebay. They are Bob and Frank's masks. I also have a small junk lot with some posters and shirts too. I'm trying to get money to pay for my daughter's christmas presents so please bid on them. Plus I really want to see these actually go to a MCR fan. They are ending soon!

I have some MCR Merch up on ebay

I posted a while back on how I'm selling my masks. Well I have Bob's mask on Ebay right now

Also a small junk lot of posters and t-shirts

I have some MCR Merch up on ebay

I posted a while back on how I'm selling my masks. Well I have Bob's mask on Ebay right now

Also a small junk lot of posters and t-shirts

My Chemical Romance The Black Parade is Dead masks

Would anyone be interested in buying them? I'm seriously thinking about selling mine. They are just sitting in my closet. I have Ray, Bob and Frank masks. I was also thinking about selling the coffin that the Ray mask came in (minus the CD, it stays with me) They are just sitting in my closet, and I am thinking of giving them to a fan who would really appreciate them more. But if I put them on Ebay would anyone be interested?

my nerdiness just exploded everywhere

My Sailor Moon costume is now complete for Halloween XD My wig came in the mail today, and I got a cute little Sailor Moon costume for my daughter :D it came in the mail today as well. It's gonna be used for Halloween next year. She's gonna be a cute little lady bug for Halloween this year :) I can't wait to take her trick or treating on Halloween XD