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Drowning Lessons Brings The Ghost of You Chapter 4!

Amy sighed as she watched the Way brothers leave. She looked at Adara, who was looking at the door, sighing. Of course, she was hoping that any day now Mikey would finally ask her out, but there had been no luck.
“Hey, Ad. Are you ready to go?” Amy asked.
“Just a sec, I have to use the bathroom.” she said, blushing a little and getting up.
“Oh, down the hall and to your right.” Ray said, looking at Amy and Frank and smiling.
“Cool! Thanks!” Adara said. She ran over and closed the door, looking at her face in the mirror. Was it her looks? Was she just not pretty enough for Mikey?

Drowning Lessons Brings The Ghost of You Chapter 3!

Then there was a knock on the door. Ray jumped up and ran to the door, glad that there wouldn't be anymore weird happenings when Gerard and Mikey were there.
As Ray opened the door, he saw not only Gerard and Mikey waiting, but a boy who was at least a foot shorter then him, with black hair in a sort of flattened mohawk, his bangs hanging over his face, and a cool lip piercing. The boy smiled.
“Hey! I'm Frank!” he said, happily.
“Hey! Come in!” Ray said, smiling, and a little confused.
“Sorry, Frank spent the night last night, since his parents were fighting again.” Gerard said.

Hey, Killjoys!

So, I feel kind of bad for not blogging anything but fanfics for a while. I love you all so much, and the support you give me everyday keeps me going! So, how are all my lovely killjoys doing? Are you all excited for the new album coming out next year? When do you think they are going to release a new music video? I am totally stoked to see it, whatever it is? What are you all doing for Christmas? I love you all, Killjoys!
-Blue Collar Doom

Drowning Lessons Brings The Ghost of You Chapter 2!

After the neighbors had left, Ray lay on his bed, listening to the Ramones. Suddenly, there was a scuffling. Ray looked down on the ground, and saw his boxes MOVING. He gasped. One of the boxes opened, and out of it came Ray's guitar pick collection. The box opened and, as Ray stared in horror, started making letters out of the guitar picks.
“What...” Ray started, then gasped.
“Get Out.” the letters spelled. Ray jumped out of his bed and sped to his brother's room. Louis was reading guitar magazines lazily.
“LOU!” Ray shouted.
“What's up, bro?” Louis asked, sitting up.

Drowning Lessons Brings The Ghost of You Chapter 1

(Hey, Killjoys! I have a new Fanfic out. Comment and tell me what you think, please?)
(Ten Years Ago)
“Me amore....” the young boy said, as he led a blushing girl onto one of the bridges in West Hudson Park.
“Oh! Stop. You're too romantic!” the girl blushed.
They were there at night, the huge, white moon shining over the river flowing lazily below. The forest was all around them, and it would have been a very scary place to be, had they not been together.
“That's the whole point.” the boy said, grinning. He pulled her close to his body, running his hands through her hair.
“Oh.....” she

Wishing For La La Land Chapter 24!

A tall girl with flowing black hair walked up to the old apartment house. She was wearing a black and white striped shirt with a black leather jacket on, black skinny jeans, and a red belt. Her hair was black with red streaks. She smiled as she walked up the flights of stairs to the girl's apartment. This is where she would be staying for the next two years...interesting.
She went up to the door that said 13B. She knocked twice and heard a bustle behind it. There was a faint, “She's here!” before the door was opened by a young girl with navy blue hair opened the door.

Wishing For La La Land Chapter 23!

“Lana, are you okay?” Asriel asked. All three of the girls were in a large, metal room. The light was dim, and each girl was strapped to a metal chair, one that looked like one you laid in at the dentist.
“Yeah, Maddie, how are you?” Lana answered.
“What did you say, about things making us the strange ones?” Maddie said.
“We are the strange. Asriel quoted, sadly.
“And here is our prime example. Maddie, how are you doing?” Asriel asked. Maddie's brown hair was over her shoulders, but they thought they saw bruises.
“What did they do to you!?!?” Lana gasped.
“They....called me alien scum.”

Killjoys Never Die Chapter 3!

(This was written by my wonderful Killjoy sister, Gravity Star, who will be co-writing with me in this story! I hope you love reading it like I did! <3)
For the first time in my short life as a criminal, I was bored. On edge, sure, I always was now. I hadn’t seen a patrol in over a week, and they normally came through the outer Zones of the city every couple of days. Something had to be up.
I hauled myself off the carpet and checked around me again, momentarily confused about where the heck I was, until the burning desert morning sunlight through the window hit my eyes.

So, I have another question that needs answering....

How do you mend a broken heart? Or how do you get over a guy who cussed you out after days and days of telling you he loved you? I can't get him out of my mind, but I really want to! Any suggestions?

Wishing for La La Land Chapter 22!

Asriel, Maddie, and Lana were all driving in a large blue jeep, singing along to the radio.
“Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!” they all sang as David Bowie popped up on the radio.
“Funny, how we are the strange ones around here, but I think things are finally working out.” Asriel said.
“Yeah! If only Frank knew...could I....?” Maddie started.
“No! We talked about this already!” Asriel and Lana said.
“Alright, alright.” Maddie said, shrugging.
“Lana, are you okay?” Asriel asked. Lana had been very quiet for the past few days, and no one knew why.
“Yeah...yeah....actually, no.