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A Sound Soul Part 2! Please tell me what you think?

A girl with red and black hair walked slowly into the school, looking around slowly. She held her hands tightly to her side, afraid of the stares that she could have gotten. She walked around, and saw a girl, with black hair with blue tips sitting in a corner by herself. She was watching around at the people, with a thin book in her hand. The girl with the red hair walked over to the blue haired girl.
“Hey, I'm Magnolia War. It's my first day. Who are you?” she said.
“Hey! Can I call you War?” the girl asked.
“Sure....?” War asked.
“Cool. I'm Violet Justice.

Secrets of Life, Part 17!

(Blue Collar Doom's POV)
I slowly opened my eyes, blearily, and yawned. Then I realized there were chains holding me to the wall. Oh, yeah, we were captured. But how? We usually hear any people who try and capture us. Humans always make enough noise, we can hear it. Then, I saw Fresh slumped over on the floor, chains holding her to the wall.
“Sis?” I said, and she stirred. Good, she's still alive. It was really dark, and I could only see Fresh in the shadows, but if Fresh was here, Radio should be, also.
“Radio?” I asked.
“Present.” He said, in a half joking, half bitter voice.

Stolen! XD That seems to happen a lot, these days.

1. What is your middle name?

2. Where are you from?

3.What color are your eyes?

4. How tall are you?

5. What did u want to be when u were little?
a famous explorer

6. What genre of music do u listen to
Rock and roll, metal, dubstep, Punk, Punk Rock, and a small amout of rap, but that's only cuz it's part of Family Force 5, which is a metal band.

7. What is your favorite food?

8 What's your favorite color(s)?
black and blue

9. What color do u want your hair?
black with blue streaks.

10 What are you labled as?
strange, scary, entertaining, and sometimes quiet.

A Sound Soul Part 1

(Hey, Killjoys! I got inspired to do this fanfic, and I hope you all love it! Tell me what you all think, please?)
“Gerard! Wake up!” A voice yelled. A very familiar voice. Gerard stirred.
“What do you want?” he groaned.
“If you don't wake up, Karmen is going to kill you.” the voice said.
“Ugh! She always wakes me up for early training.” Gerard groaned. He rolled over in his bed, putting the covers over his head and groaning.
“I don't know. I really can't wait to start school, though. It'll be my first year!

Secrets of Life, Part 16!

(Kobra Kid's POV)
I dreamed I was walking down a long, dark hall. On either side of me, as soon as I passed a large square of wall, it would crumble into nothingness. Suddenly, the wall wasn't waiting for me to walk, but was trying to swallow me whole. I cried out and started running, but the tunnel seemed endless, and I was starting to get tired. I screamed, and looked ahead, and then, suddenly, there was a bright light, and Blue was there, smiling. She held out her hand, and I tried to grab it.

I'm sorry!!!! :(

Okay, I was dumb and posted about self-harm on here, even though I wasn't supposed to. I'm really sorry. I totally forgot, but it won't happen again. Please, please don't hate me for it? It was a total mistake. I promise it won't happen again.
Okay, that's all I have to say, I guess.

I did it again. I'm addicted. :(

I cut again. this is the second time. The first was on my wrist, and the second was on my shoulder and again on my wrist. I'm officially addicted, and I don't want to stop, but I have to, and I don't know what to do. I need support and help, because I'm addicted, and I don't want to stop, but I should.

Secrets of Life, Part 15!

(Blue Collar Doom's POV)
Ghoul, though I insisted he gets some sleep, stayed and helped me wash dishes. I soaked and rinsed, and he dried and put them away. For a while, it was a quiet, but not a bad quiet. After all the excitement of the evening, it was nice for some peace and quiet.
Then Ghoul started to hum a familiar tune I hummed along, and he grinned at me. When we finished the song, he looked at me, with bright eyes.
“Blue....I have to ask you something.” He said.
“Yeah?” I answered.
“You can't say you don't feel this, too.” Ghoul said.
I shook my head, confused. “What?”

Please, Please stop hating on Valentine's Day?

Look, I know not everyone has a boyfriend or girlfriend, but please don't try and make the people who do sad? This is supposed to be a happy holiday, for God's sake.
Look, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, trying and think about the friends and family you love. Give them a call, wish them a happy Valentine's Day. But please, please, don't hate on it?
I'm sorry if I seem like I'm mad. I'm not, I'm just asking for a little understanding. Life isn't there to hate on. Just try and look on the bright side of things.

Secrets of Life, Part 14! :D

(Party Poison's POV)
“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?!?” Dr. D thundered out of the radio.
“We're in an abandoned school.” I said, a little meekly.
“Have you even considered how WORRIED SICK I've been, Poison? I had seriously thought you had died. Where's Cherry? Is he okay? Did you find Blue Collar Doom?” Dr. D's questions rushed out at me.
“Calm down, D. Really, we're all fine, Cherry's fine, and he's going to be on his way tomorrow. We did find Blue Collar Doom.” I said.
“Did she help you guys out?” Dr. D asked.
“Yeah, and we got our files back.” I said.
“Are you guys going home, then?” Dr.