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Things are about to change.

Thoughts on how My Chemical Romance changed my life.

1. It saved my best friend.
2. It has made me feel more beautiful inside then anyone I know has.
3. I totally love Mikey Way, but he's married and I respect that.
4. I know what I fight for.
5. I feel happy again!

Any thoughts?

Do you think I'm obsessed?

Okay so, I've been struggling through people telling me I'm crazy, but they think I'm obsessed. I'm not! All I know is I'm a Killjoy all the way. Yes, I have my costume and I wear it all I can. I know what I fight for, and I have such a different personality, it's scary. I used to be meek and a follower of whatever, now, I am stronger then I was. Headstrong, and fighting the right of the Killjoys! (metaphorically) Obsessed? Maybe a little. What do you think?

Na Na Na?

Could someone please explain to me why in,
Drugs, give me drugs, give me drugs, I don't need them, but I'll sell what you got take the cash and I'll keep it.
Why are they selling drugs? That doesn't sound right! They should throw them away, or destroy them. What do you think?

Calling All Killjoys!!!

I have two questions for you, fellow Killjoys!
1. I'm trying to convince a friend about how awesome My Chem is, but they are too worried about the "bad words" to care!!!! How do I spread the joy of the Killjoys to a friend who I think would love them?

2. I need a Killjoy outfit for this costume party I'm going to, any ideas? Please, fellow Killjoys, this is desperate! I need to do it loud and do it proud!


Im kinda new to the whole killjoy family and i was wondering if anyone can tell me stuff about MCR? Alot of people keep saying the MCRmy is a cult...This true? I don't know what to belive! What is the weirdest thing Frank has ever pulled on stage? And is it true that Frank and Gerard have babies?!?!? Thats amazing he's 33 and he looks like he's 20!!!!! THIS IS FATAL FASHIONISTA SIGNING OFF!!!

Heeey! ;-) Look Alive Sunshine!

So, life is not something you take for granted. Your body is a temple, and if you fill it up with MCR, then you are Frickin awesome! Not only that, but with the little bit you help, a smile, a kind word, a hug. It doesn't matter. Just being there for them is something that could save someone's life. You don't have to be perfect, or the most popular in town, you just have to be you.
Someone in your life is going to hurt you, kill you inside, and make you feel empty forever. That's just Effed up! You are A FRICKIN beautiful person!

New Gal!

OMB! (Oh My Bill) This is so amazing! They have such an awesome website here! I'm new, but I want you to know, I think Mikey Way is the hottest guy ever. I love him so much! So, My Chem has made a life's difference in me, that I can't share enough! I think that people need to be told more about this bad, because it saves lives, and that they are AWESOME!