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Where is Frank?

It's weird, but I think Frank is acting less crazy then usual. What's up with that? I miss watching videos where Frank does the craziest things, and now he's all mellow-like. What's up with it all?

Thank you!

I wanted to thank you all who are there for me. I know I seem to complain a lot, but I wanted to thank you all for the support, and I think that because of My Chemical Romance, my life has been more then better off. I am glad it saves lives, and I know it saved so many close to me. I love MCR for who they are. After all, I may be messed up, but there is this group of guys who are just as messed up as I am. That makes my life important to them, and I mean something. I'm never alone, and I appreciate that. Thank you, MCR, and thank you to everyone who listens to others in need!

I need to post a blog, and I thought that this was AMAZING!

Sign: Scorpio ( )
Birthday: October 31st ( )
Lots of tattoos ( )
Height: 5'4"-5'6 (x)
Loves books and the Harry Potter series (x)
Has three dogs (X )
Eyes: Hazel ( )
Vegetarian ( )
= 3

Birthday: April, 9th ( )
Sign: Aries ()
Height: 5'7"-5'8" ()
Afraid of needles (X)
Doesn't like physical work (x)
loves theater/arts (x)
favorite X-Men character is Wolverine (x)
eyes: hazel ( )
= 3

Birthday:September 10th (Nope, but close! )
Height: 5'9"-5'10" ( )
Sign: Virgo ( X)
DOESEN'T have asthma (X )
nearsighted (x)
NEEDS coffee (x)
loves sushi (x)
Eyes: Brown (x)
Youngest sibling ( )

Add your name and re-post!!!!!!!

We're more than an army.
We're more than a FORCE OF NATURE.
We're a family.
And families won't let each other take anyone's crap. Families won't let anyone take anyone else alive. Families won't push each other round, we stick together, through and through. And we're gonna see each other out through the tough days, celebrate with us through our good days, and hold us when we're tired and sore and sick of life. And No-one can tear us apart.
Xx Death Kitty xX
~Madame Portrait
~Fraulein Arson
~Sam Shell
~Katie Brent
~*Apocalyptic Princess*
~mychemicalmartha aka Detonation Lover
~ GWay4eva /

Please, I need some support!

I felt like scum, like I had no right to filthy the world with my presence and I was no good. I wanted to end that and make the world better. It was like I woke up every morning thinking, "Why don't I just die today, I've got nowhere to go, no one to see, no purpose,"
And the days passed like cornflour scattered in the wind for me. I felt boxed up and stupid. I felt like a bottle inside of me was about to burst with all of my secrets. Yet I went by unnoticed. I got the silent treatment from life itself. Oh, and they made me feel hatred.

I couldn't help but notice....

I realize, for me to have a really good morning, I have to drink my coffee and listen to My Chemical Romance. If I don't then I get weird and sorta bad feeling. What about you guys? Any MCR morning habbits?

Do you know?

Do you know why Mikey does not talk so much? He is like, my favorite person in the band, but I rarely hear him talk? What's up with that?

I need a little help

How do you get people to start loving MCR? I have been trying and trying to get my friends into them, but they are really stubborn. What do you guys think I should do?

So Tell Me...

Tell me why and how you got into My Chemical Romance. I believe each story is unique, and this band saves lives. I want to prove this to my friends, but I need some back up. We are all family here. What's your story??

Okay, I'm so curious....

What is your favorite song from:
1. I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
2. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
3. Black Parade
4. Danger Days