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“Yes, to go live my life as normal.” I responded.
I went to lie down. I wanted the screens down, but if A.J. Was here, there was no way he, or the Industry would let me. I demanded to be a stay at home girlfriend. To clean the house and look beautiful and be the best housemaid and earn my living as a cook for him, like olden times. So, I never had to go to the Industry. I fell asleep, with no dreams but the ones of old home.
As the morning came, I woke up with A.J. Next to me, in his “couchbed” which is like a couch\bed. ( I disapprove of us I the same bed) smiling in his sleep.

This is probably suckish, but tell me what you think, k?

I stared out my condo's window. The sky was gray, kind of orange. It was so ugly. I glared at it in disgust. Past us were “clean” white buildings. White, white everywhere. It was so boring. I have to wear white or gray everywhere. I stared at my awful outfit in disgust. Why me? Before the war, before all this, I was a fashionista child. I loved to dress up in so many colors. I bought so many outfits for when I got older. My mom thought me ridiculous. I knew better. After the war came, I saved only those outfits. We were in the shelter for years, but the color saved.

Sometimes it's hard.

Sometimes it's hard to remember who really cares about you, and being able to hear that directly from My Chem, that would be the most amazing and beautiful thing that would ever happen to me. I'm not pretty, I'm actually kind of chubby. Sometimes I feel my friends don't care and that I'm all alone. I forget and think that I'm not important enough to them. I feel so alone lots of times. I listen to My Chem 24\7. They are the band that's keeping me alive. My greatest wish would be to meet them in person. I know you know how lucky you are, but I support you and envy you at the same time.

So, what?

So, what is the Danger Days album in your fav order of songs? Ooooo, a challenge! lol

Also, so awesome MCR pics!

Amazing idea, not sure how to do it........

I thought, that the lyrics to a couple MCR songs would make a great speech!! I was wondering, though, which ones, I like We don't need another song about California was a good one, also I was wondering, since I am in a speech and debate club, If all you MCR experts out there would help me with a playlist.....about 3 or 4 songs long, that go well together and would make a great output speech. What do you think?

Perfect plan!

Okay, I was thinking it would be really cool if we could all talk in character, be our killjoys on the site, on Gerard's birthday. I want everything to be in killjoy talk on April 9! Please do this with me! Spread the word!


I found out, Zero Percent, and my new fav song, Mastas of Ravenkroft, is out on an ep. How do I just get those two songs, though, without buying the rest?

Thoughts Of The Day

1. Mikey Way is the most gorgeous man ever to have been born on this earth. Just sayin.
2. Mikey Way is married and I do respect that, so I love him like a father or a brother.
3. My friend's hands taste really weird.
4. Gerard is awesome, Frank is awesome, and Ray is awesome, but Mikey is that awkward nerd that is like the little brother of the band and everyone loves him.
5. I'm Nooooot oooookay! I'm not Whoaaaakkaaaaaay.


I just got a call from my friend. PANSY IS DEAD!!!! :''''''''''''''''((((( Why? Why? What happened? PANSY SHOULD NOT BE DEAD! Frank loves pansy! What happened? I miss Pansy soooooo much!!!!!!! :( :(

What? When? How?

What are Gerard and Frank's baby's names and how old are they? Who is Ray married to? Who do you think is the sexiest of all the members? Why did Bob quit? What is your favorite song? What's with Gerard's hair? All really good questions. SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!