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Look Alive Sunshine!!! Part 19

Put in a surprise for you. Do you want me to continue?

I walked outside, and I heard arguing. It was coming from by the shed. I walked over to see Party Poison and Fatal arguing. I pulled back, so they wouldn't see me, and sat down on the bench next to the corner. I could hear every word they said now.
“But why? Why can't I go?”
“Because that's the way it is, Fatal, and that's final.”
“You know, you've been a real jerk to him and I ever since he got here.”
Poison's voice raised, “ Do you think that's intentional?”
“Why, yes I do.”

Tee hee! I hope you guys like! Tell me if you think I should cut it off somewhere and make the next parts a sequel to make it fair. It's such a loooong fanfic......

I didn't want to risk them thinking Trinity told me to and get her in trouble. Finally the door opened and both Trinity and Poison came in.
“Okay, crash-queen, what will it be, killjoy or no?” Poison stared at me.
“Uhhh, what?”
“Do you want to be a killjoy or not?”
I looked at Trinity, who looked so hopeful. What would they do if I didn't accept?

Look Alive Sunshine! Part 17!!! Wow, I hope you guys still think it's cool!

I woke up again when I felt something cold on my forehead, I opened my eyes, all bleary. I looked up to see my love wiping my forehead with a rag. She saw me open her eyes and smiled sheepishly. I smiled as best I could, though it might have turned out as a grimace. She looked down.
“ came back.” She whispered.
“Yeah.” I croaked. “You didn't think I would?”
“Well, with the pills and all...” but she didn't get to finish. Just then a man with bright red hair and a blue jacket walked in.
“All right, is he awake?” He bent down and stared into my eyes with his hazel ones.

I tried to sit up, but was restrained with some tape. I looked up, and there was Korse, our exterminator looking at me. He gave me a crooked smile, grabbed the tape on me and yanked it off. The searing pain made me scream. I bent over in the pain and Korse gave me a crooked grin.
“Your appointment with Mr. Brandon awaits you.” He yanked me up and dragged me through the building. I recognized it as Brandon's office building as we got closer to his office. Korse dragged me in, pushed me in the chair in front of the desk. Brandon was faced away from me.

Sorry I'm posting it twice but I REALLY need an answer!!

So, if you guys know my fan fic, I was just wondering if you could help get a good Killjoy name for A.J. and also if you think he should become a killjoy. If you have any other plot suggestions also, my ears are open. I really need some advice. Thanks!!!
-Fatal Fashionista

Asking a question to you Killjoys...

So,if you guys know my fan fic, I was just wondering if you could help get a good Killjoy name for A.J. and also if you think he should become a killjoy. If you have any other plot suggestions also, my ears are open. I really need some advice. Thanks!!!
-Fatal Fashionista

I walked inside, and was a bout to call for Trinity, when I realized she was still out on errands. I was about to grab some pills when I also realized that to gain Trinity's trust, I would have to stop taking these. I stared longingly at them for a while, and them put them back, remembering that together, Trinity and I would make a better adventure then the making of new pills. I waited on the couch a while, just listening to the silence, and trying to formulate a plan as to how we could start. Then I saw the computer posting an urgent message from this afternoon.

Look Alive Sunshine! Part 14!!!!

When I got home, I had forgotten all about the Killjoys. I felt happy and satisfied with the work I got done. I walked into the kitchen again to see Trinity cooking. She looked so lovely as she worked, except for the frown she wore all the time. Today, though was different. She looked happy and pensive. She looked up when I walked in and smiled at me.
“Hey there! How was work?”
I smiled back, “Pretty good. We got lots done, always a good sign.”
“That's great! So, did you learn anything new about the Killjoys?”
My smile fell. “No, unfortunately.

Look Alive Sunshine! Part 13!!!!

The next morning I woke up, still upset about the raid. I got up and changed into some clean and ironed clothes. I walked into the kitchen to fin Trinity making breakfast.
“Morning sleepy,” She said, smailing and looking like she forgot the whole night, even though I knew she was faking.
“Mornin' babe,” I said, and tried to look normal too, with no success.
“What's the matter?” She asked, looking really curious this time to find out.
“Oh, nothing, just problems with some rebels.” I smiled and looked unconcerned.
“Nothing you need to worry about, sweetie.”
She looked up at me

A quick poem! Tell me what you think!

Ya, it's an mcr poem, but I thought it was good.

Listening to Disenchanted,
Out on the road,
Hands in my pocket,
No where to go,
I could be home by sunset,
But no one will know.
So I keep on walking,
Time going slow.

Starry nights and sees your eyes
Raining like a Midnight Queen.
Though the sky and earth can feel
The burning kerosene.

Your burning lips
Your outstretched way,
Your hair so blond it's a sunny day,
Your brown eyes shining,
as if to say,
Come and be my only way.

Time and attention,
That's all I need,
To show you who I can really be.
And if you get to know me,
You could see,
I'm a