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A Sound Soul Part 6!

Vi stared incredulously at Ray. “How do you know? Did you guess? Can you even......?” Her temper was growing. Who was this boy? Death's son? Death never told her about....
“I'm guessing you're shocked that my father didn't tell you about me? He's not that into telling his charity cases all about his life, however, I got an earful about you, and I'm almost sick of it.” He said, with a sly smile.
“I'm not here to hurt anyone, and who are you to judge?” She asked.
“Well, considering that I'll follow in my father's footsteps, and either way, you're going to work for me, I think that you should

Secrets of Life, Part 19!

(Fun Ghoul's POV)
We were at Dr. D's, and Poison was in a separate room with Kobra and D. Blue was sitting outside it, crying, while Fresh held her hand, and tried to calm her. Angel was out to see if Show and Cherry were on their way, and Radio was outside with Arianna, talking. Jet was standing next to me, watching Blue and Fresh.
“Do you know what happened in there?” He asked me. I looked down.
“Yes, and it's horrible, Jet.” I said.
“Why? What happened?” He asked.
“Well.....” I say, looking at Blue. Did she want me to tell? Or would she rather say herself?

Secrets of Life, Part 18!

(Jet Star's POV)
I was almost freaking out from worry. Fresh was one of the only girls who I could relate to, and she disappeared. I kept urging Poison to go faster as we sped toward the city.
“I'm trying!” He growled.
“I'm with Jet, here. We have to move, move, move!” Ghoul said, Kobra nodded.
“UGH! Guys! Just....SHUT UP!” Poison yelled. Everyone quieted. I was fuming. Why was he so on edge?
“Look, guys....” Kobra said, softly. Ghoul turned and gave him a glare, quieting him then and there.
“We're almost there.” I said, looking up at the city looming ahead.
“Finally.” Ghoul muttered.

30 Days of MCR: Day 2 Favorite song without a video

It has to be Headfirst for Halos. lol It describes my life in so many real ways, when I'm down, plus the song is just so fun to dance and sing to. It has to be my favorite. ;)

A Sound Soul Part 5!

Vi yawned the day classes started. She grabbed her jean jacket and walked out the door, running to the bathrooms to get her makeup on. When she was finished, she got dressed and headed to the dining hall, where weapons and masters alike were getting ready for the day. There was, however, one table with a group of kids with no food, just three coffee makers and mugs. Vi grinned, this was her kind of group. She ran up to them.
She almost started cracking up when she realized who was really there. War and Frank, and Pyro and Karmen. They all grinned at her as she came to sit down.
“So, decided

MCR 30 Day Challenge:Day 1! What is your favorite album?

I have to say I love them all equally. You couldn't have MCR with just one album. :3

30 Days of MCR challenge! I shall do it, starting tomorrow, anyone with me?

30 day MCR challenge
Day 1 Favorite album
Day 2 Favorite song without a video
Day 3 Favorite song from Bullets
Day 4 Favorite song from Revenge
Day 5 Favorite song from Parade
Day 6 Favorite Frerard moment
Day 7 Favorite lyrics
Day 8 A song that makes you happy
Day 9 Favorite live performance
Day 10 Favorite Ray’s solo
Day 11 Favorite Bob/Frank moment
Day 12 Favorite Gerard/Mikey moment
Day 13 Favorite picture of them
Day 14 Favorite interview
Day 15 Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 16 Favorite music video
Day 17 Favorite video (not music video)
Day 18 Least favorite song
Day 19 A song that


So....I'm trying to put together a playlist for the times when you wake up, and you just don't want to be around the world as it is. What songs would you add to the playlist to help you when you're in that mood. Here's a few I added to give you an idea.

My Chemical Romanc- Give Em' Hell, Kid
The Used- Pretty Handsome Awkward
Fall Out Boy- I Don't Care
Simple Plan- Perfect
Ludo- Drunken Lament

Any other ideas? They are all welcome! I want a big playlist so I never run out of music, because that's the mood I'm in, you know?

A Sound Soul Part 4! Comments appreciated. :)

A tall, cloaked figure with a funnily shaped skull mask appeared in front of the students. Everyone gasped, as they stared at the figure. Then, the sky returned to being blue, and a voice came from behind the mask.
“Heeeeeey kids! Good spirits! There's a bunch of you.” The voice was funny, like a cartoon character.
A man was next to him, with red hair, and a black tux. He stared around at the crowd with a smirk.
“Lord Death, we have many new students for the picking. I wonder who will be the next death scythe?” He said.
“Oh, James! There's so many, who knows?” Death said, chuckling.

A Sound Soul Part 3! What do you think?

Vi sighed as she walked toward the other end of the court yard, studying the people around her. Secretly, she hoped to find the boy who was staring at her a moment ago. She wandered, looking for another corner to sit in, when she saw a boy with brown hair talking to a group of blond girls. He had on these black and white glasses that were perched precariously on his nose. Vi giggled at the look of him. He was leaning against the pole, and straightening his tie, trying to look cool. The blonds, however, were not as impressed as the boy must have hoped.