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We reached the city, and we all got out of the car. I looked up at the very bottom of Brandon's tower. That's where they would keep her, if anywhere at all. I started to run, but Kobra and Ghoul held me back.
“Get off me. What do you think you're doing?” I yelled, astonished they would try and hold me back.
“I know you're eager to get your girlfriend back, but you can get yourself killed if you go with a plan.” Poison laughed.
“Well, what do you think we should do?”
“Well, you seem to know where she would be, so where should she be?”
“The bottom of that tower right there.” I pointed at Brandon's tower.
Poison nodded. “Alright, boys, and girls,” he winked at Karma, “We are here on a rescue mission. In and out. This is not a raid, so no going gun happy. That means you also, Ghoul.”
“Awww!!!!!” Ghoul whined.
“Now, we will take the lower level. Leather and I will go and find Fatal, everyone else will go and everyone back up for protection.”

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Blood, Blood Part 8!!!

I banged against the door, but it was no use. I looked over at Maddie, who was desperately trying to unchain Frank. I realized that I should probably get everyone out. Their strength could help. I ran over to Mikey, he looked at me with tears of happiness in his eyes. I stopped. There was that feeling in my stomach again, the one I felt when we first really looked at each other. I grabbed his chains and started tugging uselessly, then, I saw a heavy rock on the ground. I picked it up and started smashing at the chains. After a long time, they finally all came off. Mikey got up and kissed me. I felt like there was no one and nothing to stop me. I felt like I had his strength. I felt like I was where I belonged for once. I kissed back, and we kept kissing till he heard someone clear his throat. Gerard was still chained.

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Blood, Blood Part 7!!!!!

Then the Val led us back into his office, and we sat down again, still laughing. He stopped, and leaned across his desk so we had his head-on attention.
“So, now we get to the real talking.” He said, smiling. We smiled back, ready to talk. “You girls are special, you see. Not only can we get along like family, but you two can time travel.”
“What?” I asked, humored. “Us? I thought it was a portal type thing.”
He waved his hand in the air. “Psh, that only happens in science fiction books. You guys are the real deal. There aren't many people who can do it, let alone vampires.”
“So you're saying we have powers?” I asked, shocked.
“Yes, and very strong ones at that, to take you back so far, and to a favored time,” he nodded at Maggie, “is a very special and powerful gift indeed.”
“How did it happen, though. We didn't ask for it, or anything.”

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Blood, Blood. Part 6!! Sorry it took a while! Tell me what you think!

“Wake up, sunshine.”
I blinked, there was Maddie, looking at me with huge bright eyes. I smiled. “Hey there.”
“Guess who got you the cutest clothes?”
I looked at her confused. “Clothes?”
“Your dress, so you can go out in public?” She looked at me worried.
“Oh.” I said. I was disappointed. So it wasn't all a dream. I was here in this cave. We were about to become bait, and I wasn't going to go on an awesome date with Jake. I sighed. So much for that hope. I tried to smile and got up. “Okay, let's make me a doll.”

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Blood, Blood. Part 5!!! Tell me if you like!

“Well, how do you think we will get home, then?” I asked.
“I am not sure, but the first thing I would suggest is visiting the mansion in which you were found and seeing if the way in is also the way out.”
I nodded, knowing it probably wouldn't work, since we sort of tried when backed against the wall when the Vladimir was after us. “What after that?”
“Well, I think that one of the Vladimirs will come to capture you tonight, so if we capture him instead, we can question him in what he knows, and go from there.”
Wow, first day here, and we were already assigned as bait. I looked at Maddie, whose face was pale. She didn't do well around danger. I had lived in LA before, so I wasn't as scared. “Well, we will go now to the mansion, and look around.”

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Blood, Blood. Part 4!!! Hope you like! Also, question...

Okay, a question to all you Look Alive Sunshine readers. Would you like me to continue and switch back and forth with the two stories, or would you rather wait and read this one before continuing the Look Alive Sunshine? I would be happy to do either, I just want your opinion. Thank you!

Ray, Gerard and Frank all came I and watched perplexed and amused. Maddie turned to them, got the lightbulb look, and looked at me. I knew she just realized something and needed to tell me alone.
“Gentlemen,” she smiled politely at them, “My friend and I need to have a private talk.”
Gerard and Frank both smiled and said, “Of course.” and all walked out. When they were gone, Maddie grabbed my shoulders.
“We are in the late 1800s!!!” She yelled.
“What? I said confused. I thought were were in the Victorian era.”
She sighed, “If it isn't past the 1900's it's Victorian to you.”
I smiled. “Well, you are the one who studied this time era.”

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Blood, Blood. Part 3!!! Tell me whatcha think!!!

I started backing out, Maddie following me, but then I watched what was actually happening in the room. The man was dripping blood from his face, again. Another vampire? This wasn't good. She was screaming, and he was leaning over her, getting closer, and closer. I couldn't do anything. I was frozen in place.
Then the woman saw me, “Help! Help!” she screamed. The vampire turned toward me. I saw he had long black hair, a nicely built chest, and the brightest red eyes I had ever seen. He came toward me. His mouth was dripping with blood, and he was beautiful and scary. I also noticed he was not as young as the four vampires I had seen in the haunted house....whenever or wherever we the vampire started at me to kill me. I walked into the hallway. Then he saw Maddie.
“Two birds with one stone.” He chuckled. “Dinner and desert.”

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Blood, Blood. Part 2 Tell me if you like!

I walked up to the college boy's fraternity club. It used to be this old mansion from the late 1700's. Some said it was still haunted by the family that used to be there. I didn't believe it was that bad. I saw Maddie walking up to me with a Victorian-style dress on. I smiled, she wanted to major as a historian for that time-era. She smiled too.
“Pirate?” She asked. Knowing she was right already.
“Victoria? Victoria? Oh, there you are!” I laughed and so did she. Another one of our inside jokes. Then I saw Jake walk up, and my heart fluttered. He was dressed as the one and only James Dean. I smiled weakly at him. He grinned at me.

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Blood, Blood. Part 1

I woke up from one of the most amazing dreams in the world. I dreamed I was flying over New York, the city of dreams. I smiled and rolled over to check the time. 3:00pm. “Oh, crap!” I muttered as I shot out of bed. I know I always like to sleep in, but this was not cutting it nicely. I jumped into the kitchen to grab some breakfast. I had plans for dinner with this awesome jock that I had finally flirted enough to convince him of asking me out. Oh Halloween. It was the perfect day. My favorite holiday. I smiled and looked at the calendar. I had one of those day-by-day ones, and I had kept mine of Halloween day, just so I could see the picture every day of October. I looked at my phone. There was one unheard message. I pressed the button to hear it, though I already knew who it was from, who else calls me at five in the morning?

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Look Alive Sunshine! Part 20 end part of book one....

There was no way. Unless they captured her, to bring me back, and kill me. It was all so clear now. I had to get in, break her out, and kill Brandon and Lucious once and for all. Or else I would lose the meaning to my life. I walked out of the room, into the weaponry, where I got three lazer guns and a hand grenade. I walked out, and there was Kobra, about to walk in. He stopped and looked at me and my weapons. I tried to shove past, but he held me back.
“Where do you think you're going?” He said.
“None of your business.” I snapped. “What about you?”
“I asked you first. But I already know what you're doing. Saving your girlfriend.” He made ari quotes around “girlfriend”. He looked up and looked in my eyes. “You aren't alone.”
“I'm going alone.” I said stubbornly.
“While it wasn't the going, part I meant, you aren't going alone either.”
I stared at him, confused, “What do you...” then it hit me. I staggered back. “You love her too.”