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Look Alive Sunshine!!! Part 30!!!

I woke up, not back at the cell, but in another room. There was a small light, hanging right over me, but the room was mostly dark. I was tied to a chair, and gagged. Suddenly, Korse came in with a drac who was rolling in a covered tray, and two other dracs shoving Fun Ghoul and Riot into the room. Thy both looked at me and they tried to shout my name, but had the wind knocked out of them when they were thrown to the floor. I looked at them, then at Korse, in horror.
“What?” I tried to say, but the gag just made is muffled. Korse smiled, and yanked the gag out of my mouth.
“Welcome back,

Look Alive Sunshine! Part 29!!! Tell me what you think!!!! Please?

“Let's go.” I said, and got into the car. Ghoul followed, and we set off for the city, once again.
It was about an hour's drive to get to the city. Half of the time, Ghoul was giddy with excitement. The other half of the time he looked out of the window, caught up on some kind of concentration. When we got there, we both got out of the car. I got out, strapped on my mask, got out my gun and looked at Ghoul. He looked at me the exact same time.
“Alright. I know where Korse lives. There we should be able to find Riot.

Look Alive Sunshine! Part 28!!! Hope you are still reading!

He walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder.
“You don't have to go.” He said, trying to calm me. “You can stay here, and if you go crazy, then there are enough of us to restrain you.” I knew that he was trying to reassure me, but it was having the opposite effect. What if I hurt them? I knew I could be way more sneaky then they could imagine. I thought of the weapon closet and shuddered. I knew where I could get the weapons to kill everyone off. And I also knew I was the reason Riot was in trouble. I had to go save her, even if that meant my life was in mortal danger. I shook my head.

Look Alive Sunshine Part 27!!! LOL Tell me if you like!!!

Suddenly, a black van drove up, and out jumped a large man, with long black hair, blue eyes, and a strong build, behind him followed Korse. My blood boiled at the sight of him. They both started walking toward us. Riot gave a small yelp.
“J...Jack?” She stammered.
The black haired man smiled. “Hey Rosie, I haven't seen you in forever.”
“But...but they killed you. I saw it. They shot you and you died.”
“I didn't die, look.” He was close enough so he could take her hand and place it on his chest, right where his heart was. He smiled at her. “I'm just alive as you are.”
Riot broke down

I didn't know you, you didn't know me, but I loved you anyway.

Beth i don't know you personally but when i found out about your death i cried. I can't be sure what made you hurt so much but i wish it haden't. Even at the time that im writing this im crying. We lost a solider, a killjoy, a friend and family member. I'll sing for you as you walk towards the black parade like a dove when it cries. Let us lift our hands to the sky and sing to open the clouds up for you to pass through into hevan. Even though i don't know you i wish i did i might have been there for you anf helped.
Sing it for the world
sing it for the fallen angel
sing it for beth

Forget about me??? Hope not!! Look Alive Sunshine, Part 26!!!

The rest of the day was just in and out getting house work done. We made lunch and washed the car as best we could. The whole time we were washing the car I wanted to go and finally show off my car, but I had to wait. I also kept noticing Kobra. The way his blond hair whipped in the wind. The chicken pox scar he had below his chin. The way he always wore a half-smile. The way his eyebrow cocked whenever Poison was talking. Why was I noticing these things? I never did before. I guess it was just because I was noticing his opening up to me.

Look Alive Sunshine! Part 25!!! Whatcha think? :)

“So, now do you see why you should stay?” He gave me a sad smile. “Please, don't take the people who care for you for granted. It's a sad, lonely life, brooding.”
I looked at him, seeing him anew. I knew what he had been through. He didn't seem so broody anymore. He looked at me, with what looked like longing. Well, if the one person who really understands wants me to stay, then I would stay.
“I'll stay.” I said, smiling. He leaned in and gave me a hug. My tears started coming again, but this time, I wasn't sure whether they were tears of happiness or sadness.

Look Alive Sunshine! Part 24!! Tell me whatcha think!!!

That woke Moxie up, she rolled over to look at me, and instead of rolling her eyes, she got out of bed, and sat next to me. She rubbed my back while I was crying. When I finally ran out of tears, she looked at me with an understanding expression.
“Let's go have some coffee.” She whispered. We both walked out of the room and into the main area. Moxie started the coffee maker and sat down next to me. I had to wrap my arms around my stomach to help the pain from my heart not spread. I felt like a thousand daggers had stabbed me at once. I wanted to cry, but I had no tears left.
“Let me tell

Look Alive Sunshine! Part 23!! Here we go! Tell me what you think!

Life Loss, Love.

After the argument with Poison I was fuming. I couldn't believe I couldn't go! I was with the one man I thought I really loved, and yet, I couldn't help him out in his time of need? He wasn't as willing as I was. I just wanted to be there, so he knew that I got through it, and so could he. I left on my bike, to go admire the car we finished together. I got there and listened to the radio for news.
“Hello all you killjoys.” Doctor D greeted us on the radio, “Welcome to your news source of this big bright day.

Look Alive Sunshine! Part 22!!!

He was smiling evilly at me. Kobra and Fatal had left, or so I thought. I started shooting at the dracs, and shot fifteen down before Brandon came up. I hot him in the stomach. He looked down, his grin falling.
“You got me, cousin, but before I go, I want to tell you, you almost had the secret to immortality on your hands, and now, you'll never get it.”
“I never wanted it.” I shot him in the heart, but as he fell, a beam exploded from his gun. It hit me right between the eyes. I heard faint screaming of Fatal and Kobra as I fell down, down, into cold blackness.