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The End (Fanfic) Part 2

She recognized his voice from the singing.
“What's that? And who are you?” She asked, looking confused and frightened.
The one with black hair and who was shorter then the rest groaned. “Wow. Original. And I was actually thinking this one was different.”
Another one who had cropped black hair and brown eyes sniggered. “Well, yeah. Like you were so different.”
“But it's always the same thing, who are you, what's the Black Parade, where am I? It gets so boring.” The short one complained.
“Frank! Mikey! Be polite. This is the first time in a long while that we have had a lady in our midst.”

The End (Fanfic) Part 1

“Don't you dare come a step closer! You traitor!” James yelled at the girl, who had her hands held out in front of her, and was trying to step closer.
“James, please, put the gun down.” Siries begged, taking another step closer.
“No! Do you realize what you put me through? A person doesn't wake up one day and just stop loving someone. It's impossible! You tricked me!”
“No, James, please! It can't work out!” Tears were pouring out of her eyes.
“No! It could have, but you betrayed me! I thought you loved me!” James put the gun up level to her head.
“James, please, just give me the gun.”

Salute and Sign

I salute every single one of you!

"Here's to the kids who were never okay,

who brought their bullets in return for your love.

To the kids who live life on the murder scene, seeking revenge on those who wronged them.

To the kids who lost their fear of falling,

who refuse to drink to show their support for Gerard's decision.

Here's to the kids who sign their name.

The kids who love demolition style, who would end their days in a hail of bullets for thy lover.

Here's to the kids who will spend their nights dreaming of what life would be like if they were G. F. R. B. or M.

Blood-Love and War Part 10!!!

“Three days? Three days? The spell will be ready in THREE DAYS?!?!” Korse yelled at Maddie.
“Magic takes time, master. I have everyone working at top speed, but that's the fastest we can do it.” Maddie answered, cowering in the corner.
“FINE!” Korse struggled to calm down. “Just hurry.” He answered, and stormed out of the room.

“Who are you?” Mikey was looking at a girl of average height, black hair with green ends and dazzling blue eyes.
“I came for Mikey Way.” She said, looking around him, curiously.
“I am Mikey Way, who are you?” Mikey said, blocking her view.
“I'm Jacinda Sparrow,

Blood-Love and War Part 9!!!

“Wow.” Frank was grinning at me.
“What?” I asked, my eyes still adjusting to the light.
“I never noticed're so pale!”
I glared at him. “Whatever, where's Mikey?”
Frank, who was sniggering, was now suddenly serious. “He's in his room. But I have to warn you, he's not himself anymore.”
“Wha...what do you mean?” I whispered.
“Well, after you...died...he collapsed into himself. He doesn't come out anymore, and while he's been healing, he's still shaky. I'm afraid that your showing up will either throw him off the deep end, or he'll be all better. I can't tell. It's a risk.

Some lyrics I wrote...if you like em...

Sweet home
Far away from where I'm from
The light blinding my tortured eyes
As I step into the sun
Many people have hurt you
I'm not the only one
Blocking the barrel of an empty gun.

I'll tell my heart to bleed
So far, so fast, so short
They were the ones you need
The open sidewalks gray
They'll sell you for what you believe in
So don't sell yourself short
The slow money I'm stealin
Ain't havin impact on my heart.

Chorus: I ain't gonna die alone
When I pass away
The silver tongue
My work all done
And tragedy there to stay

My wrong when I was pleadin
Still pains me to this day
My soft eyes

Blood-Love and War Part 8!!!

I woke up in a white room, tied to a chair. There was a silver table in front of me. Suddenly a man, with what looked like a pirate with a long suit coat. He was bald, and very eerie looking.
“Hello there, Dagger.” He said, smiling at me. “I thought I had killed you off long ago.”
“I....who are you?” I said, very confused. “What did you just call me?
“Like you don't know. You can't pull anything over my eyes.”
“She's not trying to trick you, sir.” familiar voice came from a hooded figure next to him.
“Oh, and how is that?” He look at them.
“She's a time traveler, and a young one at

Just wish he could understand.

I like this guy. I really do. I have been on and off liking him for years now, and I can't tell if he really could like me or now. I mean, I'm not that pretty. I try to be. I can't control my weight like I should, I admit. Yes, I'm a bit chubby. But that doesn't mean I don't see his great heart. I just want to be together with him. I'm going insane. The first thing is to know what to tell him. "Just friends," he says after a joke, but does that mean he likes me? Will my friend be mad, she likes lots of boys, so I can't tell, but I've never felt this way about a boy for so long.

Blood-Love and War Part 7!!!

“Maddie? You're friend you had hanging out with you for like, ever?” I heard Erin say from the couch.
“Yeah. What is it?” Erin had a weird look on her face.
“Oh.” She said, looking down. “She probably hasn't been around lately, huh?”
“Yeah, what do you know about it?” I asked.
“I think I know where she is.”
“Where?” I said, panicked.
“She..she's in the Edward's Wood.”
“I'm going to get her.” I said, and started toward the door. I felt Mikey grab my arm and Erin grab my arm.
“No, you can't.”
“Why not!?!” I yelled.
“Well, one: because it's still day and you would be dusted before you

Blood-Love and War Part 6!!

We drove back to the college. I looked around for Gerard, and suddenly, Mikey was pulled back from my hand and was on the ground. Gerard was standing over him, glowering. “You will NEVER do that again, you got it?” Mikey laughed.
“Got it, bro.”
“Good.” Gerard got off of him and went to Scarlet. “Nice to see you again.”
Scarlet smiled. “And you.”
“Coffee at my place?” I offered. It was almost dawn.
“Yes!!!” They all agreed and we got into our cars to go home.
I got two pots of coffee going, and we all sat in my tiny kitchen laughing at Frank and Erin, who were on the couch, talking and