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The End (Fanfic) Part 11

“Hey guys, what took you so long?” Aravis asked, she had an awesome meal laid out before, her, and to Mikey, she looked like an angel in heaven.
“Now's your chance, Mikey, ask her.” Frank whispered to Mikey.
“I....Okay.” Mikey said.
“You know you macho.” Frank said.
“I know I macho.” Mikey said.
“You know you macho!” Frank said.
“I know I macho!” Mikey yelled.
“Oh yes you are.” Aravis whispered to Siries. They both laughed.
Mikey walked over to Aravis, looking pale. “Uh, hey, Aravis, can I, uh, talk to you?”
“Sure!” Aravis grinned.
“Uh, outside?” Mikey asked, turning red.

The End (Fanfic) Part 10

“You're finally back.” Siries smiled at Gerard.
“Yeah, sorry about that, I think Mikey likes Aravis, so I wanted to make sure.” Gerard laughed.
“I see. I could tell Mikey liked Aravis when I we were talking. It's not that hard to tell.” Siries laughed quietly.
“Yeah, I guess just being his brother, I wanted to make sure, you know?” Gerard laughed awkwardly. Sires smiled and walked up to him. She rubbed his shoulders.
“Oh, baby, you are so tense. What's going on?” She kissed him on the neck.
“Oh, just worried about Mikey, that's all.”
“Yes, I can see that, but he's fine. You're fine.

Just to make sure....

You guys can see that I put up a part 8 and 9, right? I just want to make sure, because for a while, it didn't show up on my blog, and I didn't want you guys missing out! Tell me if you saw them or not, so I know what to re-post if needed. Thank-you!

The End (Fanfic) Part 9

“So, do you still have that silly crush on Mikey?” Bob asked, lying on his bed while Aravis was fixing a snack.
“How did you figure it out?” Aravis laughed as she walked in and sat next to him.
“You're my sister, I could still see it in your eyes.” Bob smiled.
“Even though they changed color?” Aravis laughed.
“Even so.” Bob patted her on the shoulder. “You can't fool me.”
The both laughed.
“So, vampire, huh? What was that like?” Bob asked.
“Well, it was awesome. You get super strength, and you don't need to worry about your weight.”
“What did you do?”
“Well, just hung out, went to a

The End (Fanfic) Part 8

Suddenly, the back door banged open, and funny hook-like things flew out and both slammed and attached Frank and Gerard against the wall.
“What's up little sugars? I didn't think I would find you here. In a lowly apartment? Wow, you've seen better.” A female voice chuckled. Suddenly, a woman with bright strawberry-blond hair walked in. She was wearing some kind of leather suit and black sunglasses. She had a huge gun in her hand.
“Now, my sweeties, you're gonna have to leave those two poor spirits alone, so I can take you back up.” She laughed and pulled the trigger and, while Gerard and

The End (Fanfic) Part 7

“You know.” Frank said, sitting down next to Mikey, “I really thought you were smarter then this. I mean, you know what we were planning the whole time. The whole reason we joined the Black Parade in the first place. What do you think you are doing falling in love?”
“What? How does this get in the way? What about you Gerard, what about Siries.” Gerard rolled his eyes.
“She's part of the plan, why did you think I sent that assassin after her before I died?”
“You mean, you...” Mikey started at him, shocked.
“Oh come on, Mikey, you are so nief!

The End (Fanfic) Part 6

“So, you went to trial, almost got sent to Hell, were saved by Siries and came back a couple, correct?” Frank summed up what Gerard had just told them.
“Yes, you catch on.” Gerard laughed.
“I try.” Frank laughed back.
“So what about you, Avie? What got you back down here, after you were saved?”
Aravis giggled darkly. “Saved indeed. More like came back, without a pulse.”
“How is that even......AWESOME!!!” Frank shouted, and everyone laughed.
“You catch on, Frank?” Aravis laughed, holding her sides.
“So you...a vampire? Really? I don't see it.” Gerard said, giving her a long look.

The End (Fanfic) Part 5

“Gerard!? Come on! You can't stay mad at us forever! Gerard?!” Mikey banged on the door again.
“He's not answering, Mikey, let's just give him some space.” Frank said, standing by the door with a very bored expression.
“He's my brother, he's upset, and it's all because of me. I THINK I WANNA MAKE IT RIGHT!!!” Mikey yelled and tried banging on the door again.
“Wait, so basically, you think this door is locked?” Frank asked, looking interested now.
“Yeah, why?” Asked Mikey.
“Have you actually tried opening the door?” Frank said, rolling his eyes.
“You really think he wouldn't lock us

The End (Fanfic) Part 4

“So, is just me, or is the new gal smokin hot?” Franks said, as he grabbed a drink from the fridge.
“Yeah, she's pretty cute.” Bob agreed, sitting down on the sofa.
“You say that about ever girl who comes here, and yet you never make a move on one.” Mikey said.
Bob took a pillow off the couch and threw it at him. Mikey got hit in the face. “Ow!”
“Shut up.” Bob said, and picked up the book that was lying on the table next to him.
“What do you think, Gee?” Frank asked Gerard. Gerard was looking out the window at the hotel, distracted.
“Gee? Hello?

The End (Fanfic) Part 3

“It all started when Mikey and I joined the army. We fought on land mostly, and managed to stay alive for at least two years. Then during the battle of the Bulge, I lost Mikey in war. I was about to kill myself from grief, but I managed to get home. During the war I met Ray, Bob and Frank. I found out we all lived in about the same area. They helped keep me alive going home. Now, you see how Mikey has a badge on his outfit? That's because he died in the war. I and the other guys died of a Japanese sickness. It was spread throughout the whole sector we were in.