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A Sound Soul Part 7!

(As written by my amazing friend, MaddieBurr. If you want to look up some of her writing sometime, I suggest you do. She's epic, as you can see. XD)

“Where have you been, Made?” Ray asked Madelyn, using her nickname as she jogged up to him and fell into step next to him.

Made shrugged. “Oh, I dunno.. I did set my dorm room on fire…” She mumbled the last part under her breath, and started cracking her knuckles, a habit that she did whenever she was nervous.

“What?!” Ray exclaimed, and Made winced.

“I didn’t mean to, okay?

Sometimes You Gotta Fight Part 7! :D

(Happy Easter EVERYONE! I love you all, Killjoys. Thank you so much for being in my life, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading my stories. You guys mean the world to me. :3 I'll hopefully put more out more regularly, from now on. THANK YOU!)
As Willow and Mikey went outside, Mikey took a deep breath of the smoke-filled air, somehow satisfied. Willow had no clue how he could be, though.
“Oh, thank you so much, Willow.” He said, sitting down on a small pile of wooden crates that probably held all the bottles of water and beer for the venue.
“Wow, you can actually breathe well, here?

Sometimes You Gotta Fight Part 6! :D

Hours and hours later, the boys of My Chemical Romance were all lounging around backstage, tired after the show. They we, in fact, exhausted. And of course, being exhausted is the best time to tell them why you brought a sudden tag-along.
“So, who's she?” Gerard asked, looking at Mily.
“Well, her name is Mily, and she kinda helped save.....” Willow, for once, was at a loss of words.
“I'm Mily, and Willow ran into a couple stalkers. We fought them back and then she took me here. It was an amazing show. I'll never forget it.

Sometimes You Gotta Fight Part 5!

When they got to the venue, Willow realized it was way early.
“Guys, get the crew together four soundcheck, got it?” Brian called. The boys of MCR nodded.
“I'm going to go for a walk. I'll be back closer to the show.” Willow said. Frank gave a worried look, but everyone else seemed to occupied to stop her.
“Okay, bring this pass. I'll let you get back in, okay?” Frank said. “Oh, and here's some money for lunch.” He said, pulling out another fifty.
“Where do you think I'm going to get lunch? 'Le Fancy Restaurant'?” She said, with a funny french accent.

Sometimes You Gotta Fight Part 4!

When Willow woke up, she stumbled a little. Grabbing for the nearest clock, the time read 2:00pm. She yawned, and stretched, then realized she was in a hotel room. She shook her head, and tried to remember everything that happened that night. Wait, was My Chemical Romance.....? Then there was a knock on the door.
She tiptoed over to the door, and looked through the peephole. There was nothing but a mass of curly brown hair. She paused, then opened it, slowly. Ray Toro was grinning at her.
“Hello! I'm glad to see you're awake! Finally.” He chuckled, and she blushed.
“Yeah, I guess I haven't

Sometimes You Gotta Fight Part 3!

When they reached the hotel that the bus was parked in front of, Willow whistled.
“Well this is fancy.....” She said, she walked into the light, and the boys followed. “So where do you......Whoa....” She turned, and all of them struck a pose. Her eyes widened, and she paled.
“You're.....I......” She stuttered, and gasped. Frank and Mikey grinned. Ray sighed, and Gerard laughed.
“You finally recognized us, huh?” Gerard asked.
“Yeah.” She said, breathless.
“Wow, is she gonna faint?” Mikey asked. Frank's eyes widened, and he waved his hands at her.
“No! No, no, no, no, no.

Sometimes You Gotta Fight Part 2

“Gerard, admit it, we're lost.” Ray said, sighing. He sat down on the corner of the street. Gerard groaned and looked around. They were somewhere in LA, but they had lost the bus. Their cells weren't working, and it was going to get dark soon. They needed to at least find a hotel.
Frank giggled. “We're lost in LA.” He sang in a playfully spooky voice.
“Ugh, Frank, STOP!” Mikey groaned.
“What if I don't wanna?” Frank said, jokingly.
“It's not funny, dude! We're lost!” Ray said, kicking a can.
“Let's just go to the end of the street, here, and see what we can find?” Gerard asked.

Sometimes You Gotta Fight Part 1

(Hey, Killjoys! I just got back from DC, and while I was away, I worked on this new fanfic! Please, pretty please tell me what you think? Love you all! <3 Blue Collar Doom)
“Hey! Look! It's the vampire girl!”
“Are you going to suck blood with your other cult members?”
“Come on! Get into the sunlight and see if you burn!”
“Aww, naw. All that black will block the sun!”
“Just shove her in in! Let's watch the cult girl burn!”
“You can suck my blood, babe.”
The teasing and taunts didn't stop as they shoved a girl with black hair and blue streaks back and forth through the halls.

(Blue Collar Doom's POV)
I had my sister back. I had my cousin back. I thought I had needed nothing else. Was there room for love? What about the risk? I waited, worriedly, as Dr. D. came out. Poison rocked back and forth on his heels. This is exactly why I stayed away from humans in the first place. If they started caring for you, then you put them in danger. How could I do that to poor Kobra?
“He's going to be fine. I think that if you want to, you can try and wake him up, but I think he'll do it on his own, after he's gotten enough sleep.” Dr. D. smiled. The tension in the room eased.

I'm sorry! :(

I'm sorry I haven't written in forever, but things have been rough. I've been through a lot of drama, plus, I'm going to be away for a week starting Thursday! :( I just broke up with my boyfriend, I haven't gotten to see any of my friends in FOREVER, and I'm even letting you guys down. I feel like crap. :(