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This Is How I Disappear Part 2!

[Day 2]
“GOOD MORNING, KILLJOYS!” said a feminine voice on the radio. Poison, who was taking a sip of coffee spat it out, staring at the radio.
“What?” he asked, eyes wide.
“It's a BEAUUUUTIFUL day out there, nice and sunny! Just like me! This is Sunshine Bullet, on the radio!” the voice sang, then giggled.
“Poison.....what the radio?” Kobra asked, walking out of him room in the diner.
“Umm....I'm not sure, bro.” Poison said, still aghast.
“It's sunshine, and flowers, and happy times out there! Fighting against the big bad BLInd.” Sunshine said.
“It sounds like she's

This Is How I Disappear Part 1!

(Hey, Killjoys! This is a new fanfic I started working on, and I really hope you all love it! I would really appreciate your comments on this, since it's very new idea! Thank you!)
[Day I]
“Good morning all you Fabulous Killjoys, and you striking moterbabies. It's another day out in the hot summer sun. The dread Draculoids are coming out and swarming around as they do every 24 hours. Get your boots tight, my fabulous fighters, because today is going to be one big fight. Helping to set your mood against the blindness of society, this is Dr. Death Defying, giving you the news as it comes.”

Willow, Mily, Frank, Mikey, and Ray all stood outside the bus, smiling at each other, awkwardly, waiting for Gerard to come out.
“Erm.....where's Danny gone to, again?” Frank asked.
“He said he met someone special and wanted to spend time with her. Something about getting drunk together.” Willow said. Mily laughed.
“That's just like Danny.” She said, shaking her head.
“He'll come to a concert or two to see us, though.” Willow said, shrugging.
“So you're both staying?” Frank said, hope renewing his attitude.
“Of course!” the girls chorused, then laughed.
“Okay, guys, what did I miss out

Sometimes You Gotta Fight Part 12!

(Got another part out sooner this time! Hurrah! lol hope you all enjoy it! :D)
Mikey looked nervously at Willow, who was smiling at him. She sighed happily, took his hand, and lay back, closing her eyes for a moment. Then she sat up, and opened her eyes slowly, smiling in a way that would bring the world a thousand volts of sunshine.
“You have such beautiful eyes.” Mikey thought.
“Uh, thanks.” Willow said, laughing. Mikey blushed as he realized he said that out loud.
“Sorry. I just.....said what I was thinking without realizing it.” He said.
“A very funny quirk of yours.” She said,

Sometimes You Gotta Fight Part 11!

(Gah! It seems no matter how hard I try to post more, quickly, fate decrees otherwise. Oh well, here's the next chapter! I hope you all love it!)
Ray sighed as he paced in innards of the hospital building. What were they going to do? They had to get on tour soon, or else they would have to call the whole tour off. That was just Brian on the phone telling them that.....
“Ray! Ray! She's awake!” Frank rushed in.
“She's what?!?!” Ray gasped.
“She's awake! Willow's awake!” Frank was jumping at least three feet into the air.
“How.....?” Ray asked, startled.
“Don't ask how!

Skype Account.....

I just got one, and I was wondering if you would like to instant message me sometime.....I love to get to know new people, and talking with people! :D So, message me if you're interested in adding me! :D

A Sound Soul Part 8!

(Written by my wonderful sister MaddieBurr, who may enjoy this fanfic concept more than I do! lol I hope you all enjoy!)

“I’ll kill them! Really, Ray, I’ll kill them! You say it, and they’re dead. Or they’ll be alive, minus a limb,” Madelyn was whispering bitterly as Ray dragged her by her Batman hoodie through the lunch room.

Ray raised an eyebrow, stopping momentarily before walking again, his eyes scanning the lunch room for an empty table to sit at. Finally, he found one. “That’s the first time I remember you addressing me by name. Oh, and don’t kill anyone.

Sometimes You Gotta Fight Part 10!

(I'm SO sorry I haven't been able to post this long! I was in a play, so that took up a lot of my time....but I'm back, now! I hope you'll enjoy this next part! :D)
Frank sighed as he stared at the hospital double doors. What had happened over there? Mikey was bouncing his leg impatiently. Ray was falling asleep, and Gerard was trying to console Mily. Danny was brooding near the front desk. FINALLY the doctor came out, and looked around.
“Who's here for Willow Lavender?” The doctor asked.
“Me!” Everyone chorused. The desk ladies looked at everyone suspiciously.
“Who's family?” The doctor

Sometimes You Gotta Fight Part 9!

As they all sat in the van, Danny with ice on his head, because he had a bruise, Willow sitting cross-legged next to Mily, who was grinning at Danny. Gerard and Mikey were sitting at the small table in the van. Frank was sitting ON the table, and Ray was leaning against the counter.
“Okay, so you three are all family?” Frank asked, confused.
“Yeah, Mily and I grew up together after mom left us with Willow.” Danny said.
“Yes, it was the worst day of my life when I had to leave Willow.” Mily said. Danny nodded, solemnly.
“Yeah, I bet.” Willow muttered, rolling her eyes.
“What?” Everyone

Sometimes You Gotta Fight Part 8!

Willow watched as the clouds passed. On her ipod, China Girl by David Bowie was playing. It seemed so mellow, for a second, she dreamed she was back at her home. Her real one, before her brother and sister went away with her father and left her alone. She would listen to David Bowie with her sister and make pictures from the clouds. Then, her brother would come over with a screaming duck in his hands. Yes, the ducks don't like to be captured, but he caught them anyway. Mom and Dad would laugh, and then make him put it back.