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Letters To Helena 8!

( Thank you to MaddieBurr! <3)

Dear Helena,

Your funeral was just how you would’ve wanted it to be. Gerard sang, the band played, you wore your favorite colors. It was so beautiful. Just like you were. After your funeral, we went home for a little bit. I kept sneaking a few glances over at Frank. I’d never seen someone cry like he did. It was silent and sorrowful, but…. I don’t know…. A bit beautiful at the same time. It’s hard to explain.

Gerard retreated into his room. I almost followed him, to talk, but I decided against it.

Letters To Helena 7!

(My dear readers. The next blog I post will have some good news, and some bad news, so enjoy this letter while you wait!)
Dear Helena,
This was it. Your funeral. I'll tell it to you, detail by detail, since you want to know, I bet. I mean, since it is, like, your grand finale.
Gerard started the ceremony. He was wearing a black suit with a red tie. He started singing, Mikey walked down the isle, and then Frank and Ray, who paid respects to your body, at the viewing. You wore this beautiful black and red dress. Your two favorite colors, remember?
Gerard started singing. It was amazing.

Well, since I was asked.....

These are some pics of a drawing drew one night. Little did I know, it was almost exactly like the Up All Night music video by Blink 182! I have their new c.d. now, Neighborhoods! I'm so happy and excited! Well, now you can stop reading and enjoy the pictures, XD.

Letters To Helena 6

(Compliments to MaddieBurr! You're an awesome Killjoy! :D)

Dear Helena,

Things sure are hard; impossibly hard, without you.

We all still miss you. I don’t think this pain will ever go away. All Gerard and Mikey do is cry; I can sometimes hear them. I heard them last night. Mary Jane is staying here for a while, which is good, because I know she’s important to my brothers, and she’ll hopefully cheer them up. Maybe even get them to smile again. Ash is here too, from her band’s tour, so I hope that she’ll bring some smiles as well.

Today, I came out of my room.

Letters To Helena 5

(Compliments to my amazing sister, mery killjoy!)

Dear Helena,
Yes, it’s me…Ashley or Ash. These days haven’t been great at all. I feel so weak, useless…hopeless. It breaks my heart so much seeing everyone so sad in here, you were sure a ray of light to everyone and now that ray has totally faded and I’m not sure if that ray will become alive again. You were so special, amazing and unique, you had something in special in all of us, you had a piece in our heart and for me you were a little piece of heaven.

Letters To Helena 4

Dear Helena,
Another unexpected surprise, huh? Today, apparently, Mikey and Gerard's SISTER stormed through the house. She ran to her room, and stayed there. I was appalled, the brothers actually talked to me, today. Maybe it was since it concerned someone they loved finally. I'm not sure. They said that their mom had adopted her not three years ago. THREE YEARS. Okay. This was amazing. Three years had passed, and no one cared to tell me. When I asked why, they just said it must have slipped their minds.

Letters To Helena 3

(Dear Readers, I must tell you, that all of the non-MCR member letters are made by the characters themselves. Not by me. I have to thank MaddieBurr for this letter!)

Dear Helena,

It's your not-related-to-you relative, Madison. Well... You called me Maddie Hattie, after the Mad Hatter.

Today, I came home from my friend's house late. I had stayed there for two days, while she made me feel better about losing you. Another reason I stayed there for so long was because I didn't want to see my brothers and everyone else crying. I couldn't avoid the inevitable any longer, though.

When I got home, it

Dead! (Fanfic)

Chapter 10- Possible Outbreat
“Where the HELL were you!?!” Sophy yelled, grabbing her sister in a huge bear hug.
“Ummmm, yes.” Jasmine laughed, hugging her sister back.
“You seriously just burst through the gates of Hell, like a master!” Frank said, open-mouthed.
“She did dude.” Gerard laughed.
“How!?!?!” Frank said, looking desperate.
“Because she's just that awesome.” Mikey laughed.
“Nah, I just know my dad.” Jasmine said. Everyone stared at her, blank. She laughed nervously.
“Dad's still....” Sophy started.
“He's not our real dad.” Jasmine said, somberly. She blushed.

Letters To Helena 2

Dear Helena,
You really make things hard around here, you know that? Not only are Gerard and Mikey not even a step closer, but now Ray and Frank are depressed also! I walked in to see Ray rubbing Frank's back sadly, as Frank let tears fall. On the floor, at their feet, was a picture of you. Yes, you. In the beautiful blue dress you wore everywhere, whenever it was a Sunday.
I had wanted to ask them if they had wanted some coffee, but by the time I saw them, I didn't feel like asking anymore. I walked upstairs, and knocked on Gerard's door.

Dead! (Fanfic)

Chapter 9- The Capture
“Where did Jasmine go?” Sophy asked.
“I'm guessing she went back to her room.” Madison said. They both looked at each other, worried.
When they arrived at the hotel, Sophy dashed up into her sister's room. She expected to see Jasmine crashed on the couch, but there was no one there.
“Jasmine? Jazzy?” Sophy called. There was no answer.
“Hey, Soph....where's Jasmine?” Madison asked. Sophy shrugged, looking worried.
“I haven't seen her anywhere.” Sophy answered.
“Well, why don't we....” She didn't finished, suddenly, two hands shot out from behind them