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Letters To Helena 14!

Dear Helena,
Gerard's going to be fine. He's patched up, battered, but patched. I remember being in the hospital with him, waiting, right in his room, as they sewed him back together and cleaned him up. He was unconscious for quite some time, and he looked so peaceful, sitting there. Mikey came in, every now and then, and ask how he was doing. I would smile and say, “better then last time you asked.” and he would smile appreciatively and then it would get awkward and he would leave. What? Nothing? He kissed me...or I kissed him...we kissed each-other, and I had no idea what to say, or do.

Letters To Helena 13!

Dear Helena,

I had finally gotten tired of sitting in the Starbucks bathroom crying, so I left the coffee shop and zipped up my fake leather jacket, or pleather, as some people called it (you remember how I don’t like to wear animal skin and/or fur, right?). It was so cold. It hadn’t snowed yet, ice just froze over the streets. And in a few days it would be December 15th, the start of Christmas break. I had taken the past few days off of school, due to your death.

When I reached the park, it was deserted. I checked my cell phone. Ten missed calls, and twenty new text messages, all from Mikey.

Letters to Helena 12!

(Thank you, Merry Killjoy!)

Dear Helena:
I can’t believe Mary took it so seriously, I mean, I never tried to hurt her nor make her feel bad. I just don’t know how to explain her all my feelings, I feel so confused now and to make things worse, Gerard. He cut himself because of you and now I feel useless because I feel like I could do something to prevent it but I didn’t. Maybe I don’t belong here, I think I lost M.J the only person who was always there for me because of my dumbness and not telling her all my feelings. She got mad and I’m ashamed of myself.

Letters To Helena 11!

(Thank you, MaddieBurr, the awesome Killjoy!)

Dear Helena,

I’m downtown, in a Starbucks bathroom stall, weeping. I’ll tell you how I got here. But please don’t be mad, okay? I feel bad for what I did and said to get here. I wish you were with me. You could tell me what to do to fix this, or how to sort out my feelings. I’ll explain now.

Okay, so after Starbucks, Frank and I were sitting at the table, drinking our coffee, when suddenly we came up with an idea: if we went and bought a cake, everyone would be happy, right? Because who in their right minds don’t like cake?

Letters To Helena 10!

( I find saying thank-yous to myself too self-gratifying LOL)
Dear Helena,
Things are getting better, I think. I'm still not writing. I don't want to, any more. I don't feel like I'm any good at it. It all looks like gibberish. But I've done better with my sister. She has been so sad, and she thinks that she doesn't want to be in her band any more. But I've convinced her otherwise. It was so hard, especially at first.
I had walked up to her, sitting on the couch, her beautiful red and brown 'fro curled to perfection.

Adventures in Chaos Chapter 2

(Here it is, and here are the guest stars. I wonder if you can guess who they are!)
Chapter 2-Kids never grow up
There was a knock at the door. Black turned to see her dear friend, Metal Laser looking at her, his spiked brownish-black hair looking a bit more dusty then usual.
“Hey, what are you doing here, all alone?” He said, sitting down. He was older then Black, she was sure, and married, so there wasn't even a chance she could crush on him, but she considered him her best friend, aside from her sister.
“I was just....trying to remember.” She answered shrugging.

Adventures in Chaos- Chapter 1

(Hey guys! This is the new one I was talking about, with special secret guest stars. Maybe you'll be able to figure out who they are, maybe not, but I hope you love the story nonetheless! Please tell me what you think!)
Chapter 1-The Letter
Black walked around the room, slowly, before picking up her journal. She picked it up, and started writing in it. It was the first thing that wasn't ruined in the old, burnt school house they were staying in that night. She pulled out an old pen, and started writing.
“It's been three years since the government of the United States took over the world.


Okay, so my best friend, Toxic Karma is in love with MCR, just like I am, but I'm also a huge fan of Blink 182, so I made a group where MCR and Blink 182 lovers can join. After all, don't you think that Mark, Tom, and Travis all deserve a chance to shoot dracs too? I mean, it's all our world anyway. So, apparently, TK thinks this is a horrible idea and I am shunning the Killjoys. I AM STILL A KILLJOY! I just want Blink 182 fans in this too. If we really are a welcoming family, then why not open up our doors and hearts?

So.....the Good, the Bad....and....that's my news.

So, you've all been wondering what this news was, right? I know I promised it a couple days ago, but I needed to be sure I wanted to say it. So, here it is, the bad news. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be able to finish Dead!. I know it must be a disappointment to you all, all you four readers, but I just can't go on with it. Sorry. :\
The good news is, I'm writing a new fanfic, with special guest stars in it. I hope you call can guess who they are, though it shouldn't be that hard. LOL XD
Well, that's the news, I guess. What do you guys think? Hate me? Love me?

Letters To Helena 9

(thank you to my dear sister, merry killjoy!)
Dear Helena:
Days have passed now. I still haven’t got back with the band and I don’t feel like it just for now. Maybe later, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe next month or maybe never. And I must tell you the truth, I haven’t got my bass and play a piece of something, neither had inspiration to write a song. Well dear Helena, your funeral was as beautiful as you but at the same time so sad, just like when you left us. Gerard and the band played a beautiful song made just for you but I still wonder.