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Letters To Helena 17

(I hope you all enjoy this!)

Dear Helena,
I was sitting on the couch, with Mikey. We were in my apartment. Alone. He and I were holding hands as we watched our favorite childhood movie, Army of Darkness. It was so cheesy, but it was hilarious.
“I miss this.” Mikey said. He started playing with my fingers, absentmindedly.
“The movie? The popcorn stains on your shirt? The fact that I haven't been in this apartment for two weeks?” I asked, jokingly.
“No, I mean it feels like highschool.

Adventures in Chaos Chapter 8!

“....So, you are Massacre Maze?” Poison asked the young girl. She sighed.
“Yes, yes, I've been over this. I'm a fighter, and a Killjoy. All the way.” She said. Ghoul smiled. Finally, a person shorter then him.
“I like her.” He said, bouncing next to her.
“Well, I don't know.”Poison said, hesitating. He looked at Ghoul and Maze. They both made puppy dog eyes up at Poison.
“Can we keep her?” Ghoul asked. Poison looked like he was at war with himself, then groaned.
“ALL RIGHT!” He said flinging his arms up in then air and let out a laughing sigh. “She can stay.”

Letters To Helena 16

(Thank you for your creativity, MaddieBurr! You're amazing. :D)
Dear Helena,

I’m in the hospital emergency room, done getting treated for my wounds from the mugging that just happened.

Today (or yesterday? Same thing. Like I said, it’s 2:00 AM) was December 16th. I didn’t remember falling asleep, but I woke up to the soft sound of Gerard’s voice. He was singing a song I had never heard from him or the rest of My Chemical Romance. I sat up in one swift motion, immediately falling out of the hospital chair and onto the floor. I heard Gerard stifle a laugh, and I looked up to shoot him a glare.

Adventures in Chaos Chapter 7! :D

(an explosion caused all of them to fly against the walls, and out of the smoke and rubble came a coughing, smaller, girl. She smirked at all of them as they started to get up from the blast.
“And who are you?” She asked.)

This girl looked about 13 or 14 years old, straight, dark brown hair that goes just below her shoulders. She had chocolate brown eyes, and wore black converse high tops.

Adventures in Chaos Chapter 6!

(Okay, since I'm really nice, I'm adding another chapter, just for you, but when this weekend starts, I'm warning you all, I won't be here. Keep Running! <3)
Chapter 6- Riot or Raid?
That morning, Everyone went into the waiting room to discuss plans.
“Okay, We'll all head in a four way direction to the city, and then meet up at the very middle, BLI main tower. If we can get in and get the goods in time, then kudos, but we have less then an hour to get in and out.” Party Poison said.
“Yeah, and then, we can party over here.” Midnight said, grinning.
“What kind of party?” Fun Ghoul asked.

The Real Helena Chapter 15!

Okay, so I was an idiot and accidentally re-posted an old chapter, but thanks to MaddieBurr, I'm straightened out now. Hope you all like!

Dear Helena,

When I woke up, I was scared.

I was not in the park. I was in an unfamiliar apartment, in an unfamiliar living room, with unfamiliar furniture, and an unfamiliar blanket tucked around me. I shot up onto my feet. I reached into my pockets. Phone. Check. Wallet. Check. Pencil and paper I had been writing on…They were on the table next to me, folded just how I had left it. I shoved them into one of the many pockets on my coat.

Then, I did

Letters to Helena 15!

Thank you MaddieBurr!

Dear Helena,

I had finally gotten tired of sitting in the Starbucks bathroom crying, so I left the coffee shop and zipped up my fake leather jacket, or pleather, as some people called it (you remember how I don’t like to wear animal skin and/or fur, right?). It was so cold. It hadn’t snowed yet, ice just froze over the streets. And in a few days it would be December 15th, the start of Christmas break. I had taken the past few days off of school, due to your death.

When I reached the park, it was deserted. I checked my cell phone.

Adventures in Chaos Chapter 5!

Chapter 4- What became of it all
Metal and Black both got to the car, and Black turned on him. She was sick of no questioning.
“Okay, what's up with that?” She asked. Metal blanched.
“What?” He asked.
“You totally just dissed Kobra Kid! What's up with that?” She asked.
“He deserves it for reasons you don't want to know.” He grumbled.
“I can't believe you!” Black flung up her hands. “We're best friends! I don't know even the slightest thing about you, and you suddenly think it's okay to just....just diss people that I might think are....are..” Black sighed and sat on the ground.

Adventures in Chaos Chapter 4!

Chapter four- Answers

“Alright, Children. There is a secret compartment in the BLI tower. It holds files. Files of every living person's life. All from birth, till present information. Black Vampire.” Black flinched as she heard her full Killjoy name. She had not heard it ever since she last saw Dr. D. “You're life and what you are missing might be in there. I know it's hard to get, but it could hold secrets to help us win this war.” He said.
“She's not going alone!” Metal and Fresh both protested.
“Well, obviously.” Dr. D. rolled his eyes.

Adventures in Chaos Chapter 3!

Chapter 3- Something old, something new?

The Wives, though they tried to convince them over and over, wanted to stay at the school house. Black expected they wanted to clean up, after the paper war, but didn't want to let the boys know.
Black, Fresh Poison, and the boys all hopped into a huge Hummer, and sped off toward Zone 5. As they were driving, Midnight suddenly screamed. The Hummer skidded to a stop.
“WHAT IS IT!?!” Metal screamed.
“I HAVE THE PERFECT IDEA!” Midnight screamed back.
“WHAT IS IT?” Black yelled at him.