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Letters To Helena 26!

(Compliments to Maddie Burr!)
Dear Helena,


Whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll take it from the top. But, this has got to be brief. We’re about to open presents.

The shopping trip was amazing! But very awkward, still. When we got into the mall and parted our separate ways, Frank intertwined his fingers and mine. I couldn’t help but smile widely.

“The answer is yes,” Frank whispered to me.

I was confused. “What?”

“The answer is yes, we are dating,” he smirked. I felt a blush creep onto my cheeks.

I squeezed Frank’s hand lightly.

This is AMAZING! The funniest joke I've read. Please read and comment!

I had a joke, but then I forgot it. But then I remembered it! But then an alien abducted me and you, and stole the joke from my head. But then we escaped using only a letter-opener!! =D But sadly, not with the joke. =( But three years later area 51 approached me and said they had captured the same aliens. But that the aliens had traveled back in time and planted the joke in the head of a dinosaur! The aliens let us use their time machine and we traveled back to get the joke, only to realize that it was what killed all the dinosaurs. Oops.

Adventures in Chaos Chapter 18!

Metal, Supersonic, and Midnight stepped out of the mass of dracs, Metal holding a silver remote in his hands. With the press of a button, all of them had dropped to the floor, leaving Korse, Lucian, and the other Killjoys standing.
“FOOL! Why did you leave the main control lying around?” Korse yelled at his son. Lucian tried to whimper an apology, but Korse whisked out his weapon and shot his son in the head, making Lucian fall. Everyone stared in horror as Korse pulled out Lucian's gun and held the two at the heads of the two fallen Draculoids that had held Fresh and Poison prisoner.

Adventures in Chaos Chapter 17!

Black opened her eyes, blearily. She was in a large, metal room, with chains, holding her to a cold, metal table. Her neck ached badly, and she felt very heavy. She turned her head to see Kobra lying unconscious beside her.
“Kobra....Kobra....Mikey....” She whispered to him, almost whimpering.
“Ce....Ce....Celene?” He muttered, looking over at her. Her hear felt like it was going to burst as they stared, eye to eye.
“Oh, Mikey.” She said, tears falling down her face like waterfalls. Mikey stared back at her, with wet eyes.
“Celene. I'm sorry. Tess, she... it was like she brainwashed me.

Letters to Helena 25!

Dear Helena
Here am I. In front of the tour bus of My Chemical Romance, I was so nervous, I felt weird, excited but scared. I looked at my watch…1:00, would I interrupt? Will someone receive me? I looked around, there they were all the stuff of the merch, I smiled and started walking towards it. Step by step looking carefully at everything around me but then I felt some hands covering my eyes and I let out a little scream
“Guess who am I and I’ll set you free” said a playful voice which I totally recognize
“C’mon Maddie” I said discovering the her “Set me free and give me a hug”
“Ash!” she

Adventures in Chaos Chapter 16

Radio and Black were in the weapons room, picking up a few spare laser pistols, and a few grenades, and throwing them in a small duffel bag.
“You know, there's just something about putting weapons together for a mission that makes things seem really, intense, you know?” Radio said, throwing in a stick of dynamite.
“I guess.” Black said, shrugging as she pulled down a large laser shotgun.
“I mean, something about the danger that just turns you on. Am I right?” Radio said, looking at her, grinning.
“What?” Black shook her head.
“Why not?

Adventures in Chaos Chapter 15!

(Sorry it took so long! I had a major block, but it's better now!)
When they all got back to the hut, there was the girl, sitting up. She was blond, with medium length hair, her blue jack was buttoned, but the collar was open enough to show a light pink shirt underneath. She had light blue skinny jeans on, and pink boots. She was sitting on the couch with a cup of hot coffee in her hands. Kobra was wrapping a blanket around her. Black noticed that she felt an uneasy jab at her stomach as she watched it, and leaned in closer to Radio, who was holding onto her cold body, tightly.
“This is

Letters To Helena 24!

( I'm taking this time to say, Maddie Burr, you are such an awesome Killjoy, and a great sister! <3)
Dear Helena,

I’m not quite sure what I am feeling now. Peacefulness, excitement…I don’t know. Things are going okay. But we all still miss you. I still feel the ache of your loss in my heart. Everything I see still reminds me of you. But I’m getting there. Back to what I call ‘normal,’ I mean.

The guys had to leave for a sound check at around 8:00 AM, leaving MJ and I alone. I helped her set up the Merch stuff and then we were just sitting around outside the venue, bored.

Adventures in Chaos Chapter 14!

Radio and Maze were sitting in the room, alone, while Black, Metal, and Ghoul were checking on progress on Dr. D and the rest of the group.
“I think I'm gonna stay here a while.” Radio said, leaning back.
“Oh? Really?” Maze asked, getting a good look at Radio.
“Well, yeah. I mean, I found Celene again. Isn't that enough to stay?” He said. Maze pursed her lips.
“What exactly happened between you two. How did you guys get together, and everything?” Maze asked.
“Well, it was while she was in art school. She kept on going.

Adventures in Chaos Chapter 13!

Fresh and Jet were both sitting in the garage, looking at the numerous bikes sitting in front of them. Jet had found a few old soda cans, and they were both sipping lukewarm soda and talking.
“So, I'm guessing you figured out who I am.” Fresh said, looking down after a while.
“Yeah. It wasn't hard after what happened with Kobra.” Jet said, shrugging.
“Yeah, well, it's nice to see a familiar face after all that time.” Fresh said.
“It really is.” Jet smiled at her. She looked up, fighting a blush.
“So...I really want to know...did you ever...think...about me...and my sister....after you