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Wishing for La La Land Chapter 9!

At the Sheriff's office, a young boy knocks on the door.
“Who is it?” The grumpy older Sheriff answeres.
“Dad, it's me.” the boy says to the door, loudly over the sounds in the back-ground.
“Oh! John! Come in!” The Sheriff said, and sat straighter in his chair.
“Hey, dad. I have something” John said, sitting down on the chair across the desk.
“Go ahead, son.” The Sheriff says, giving a small smile.
“Okay, there are three girls at my school. They are...strange...different. Everyone in the school knows it.” John said.

Wishing for La La Land Chapter 8!

Lana paused. Asriel was staring at her with horror, and desperate eyes. “Pie” Lana thought. Asriel shook her head, as if to clear it, and then said, in a soft voice.
“The pie. It's not ready. The meringue needs to sit another ten minutes before serving.” Asriel said. Lana looked down to see her hand move from above the little glass pie case.
“Thank-you, Assie.” Lana said, icily. She walked back to the back of the restaurant, leaving Asriel to cover for the moment. Asriel knew her sister wasn't mad at her. Lana was never that icy unless her emotion balance was severely shaken.

Wishing for La La Land Chapter 7!

As Asriel and Maddie had left the room, Lana had felt quite vengeful. She took her notebook and walked up to the table with all the Preps.
“Hello, what can I get you all?” She said, in a sickly sweet voice.
“Oh, it's you.” The head cheerleader. She flipped her long blond hair and tried to catch her fake tan in the sun.
“Nice to see you, again, Tess.” Lana said, smirking.
“Uh, yeah, right.” She said, rolling her eyes and making a disgusted face.
“I'll take a burger.” One of the boys off the football team said.
“Yeah, and the rest of the guys want one.” Said the one who was

Wishing for La La Land Chapter 6!

After school, Lana, Maddie, and Asriel started walking toward the Crash to start their shifts.
“Hey! Wait up!” They heard a voice behind them. Mikey was running toward them. He stopped to catch up.
“Where are you going?” Mikey asked.
“We have jobs at the Crash.” Lana said.
“Oh, well, Gerard has to stay at school for the art program, so I'm stuck with nothing to do.” Mikey said.
“Well, do you have money on you?” Maddie asked.
“Yeah...” Mikey asked, pulling out his wallet.
“The Crash has great burgers, I hear.” Maddie said, winking.

Wishing for La La Land Chapter 5!

(Dedicated to Frank Iero!)
It was finally lunch. The busy public school milled around the cafeteria, buying lunch, or sitting down with their own. Maddie, Asriel, and Lana all sat down at the table with their own containers. The boys were all buying their lunches today.
“The coast is clear, guys.” Lana whispered to the two. They both nodded. Almost in sync, they waved their hands over the containers that were really empty a second ago.
When the boys got back with their trays, Lana and Asriel were eating on nice and hot pieces of lasagna. Maddie was munching on some rice.
“Wow, you're so

Happy Ieroween!

I've been listening and singing This is Ieroween! Frankie, you inspire me so much! You show us all that nothing is really impossible, and even if you have a tattoo on your neck and you can't get a job, doesn't mean you can't make it big! We all love you and you inspire us so much! You make us see that breaking a stagelight before a concert even starts is possible, and so is breaking all your toes. You are the most awesome guitarist! <3

Wishing for La La Land Chapter 4!

(Like the idiot I am, I forgot to put the end of the last chapter, so that's why it starts off so weird. XD

“Hey, if you didn't hear it from me, you would have heard a wacky story from somewhere else, so there's the truth.” She said, quickly.
“I see.” Mikey said, slowly. Lana was a strange girl. Interesting, but strange.
* * * * * * *
“Hey, Asriel!” Ray said, catching up with the bright red head walking down the hall.
“Hey, Ray!” She said, blushing.
“I missed my girl during the summer.” He said, wrapping an arm around her.
“Yeah, you were gone for a whole summer, at music camp.”

Wishing for La La Land Chapter 3!

Mikey sighed and slammed his locker as he put in the last of his books. He had math first thing, which sucked. He really hated math.
“New kid?” a voice said from behind him. Mikey turned to see a tall boy with a curly brown fro in an Iron Maiden shirt and black jeans. His eyes looked a little watery, and Mikey assumed it was from new contacts.
“Yeah. And I have math first.” Mikey said.
“That sucks. Hey, I'm Ray. If you want, you can hang with my friends and I at lunch.” Ray said.
“Cool. By the way, awesome shirt.” Mikey said. Ray laughed.
“Yeah.” They both waved and walked down separate

Wishing for La La Land Chapter 2

Lana sighed and looked at her image in the mirror. Her hair was all out of wack, in what looked like twelve impossible cow licks. She sighed. Waving her dark green painted finger-nailed fingers over her head, she smiled at the image that was now in the mirror.
“Girls! You're gonna be late!” Her mother called. Ugh, another boring day at another boring school. Roswell High.
“Come on, little blue. We need to go!” Her sister called. Lana laughed. Just because she was one hour younger then Asriel doesn't mean she was little, but she didn’t' mind.

Wishing for La La Land Chapter 1

(Hello, Fabulous Killjoys! Here's a new fanfic! I hope you like it!)
“No! Don't touch me!” Lana yelled. She tossed her blue hair out of her face as she was dragged out to the small, yet secure black car.
“You betrayed us!” She screamed, as the rest of her slender body was shoved into the car. It wasn't fast enough, though. Mikey could see the tears, tinted with red, fall out of her round eyes.
Mikey turned away. He thought he knew her. He really did. What he did was for the best, right?
“Well, son, that was one brave thing you did there.” The sheriff said, walking up to him.