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Wishing for La La Land Chapter 16!

Mikey woke up gasping. His dreams were getting worse ever since that night. He kept having dreams of Lana, Asriel, and Maddie....all coming to destroy the human race....It was horrible.
“That's the third time this week.” Gerard said.
“Wha?” Mikey asked, putting his arm over his eyes as he turned over.
“That you woke up like that. You don't remember your dream?” Gerard asked, sitting next to Mikey. Mikey just grumbled and sat up. Gerard held out a cup of coffee for him.
“You know, I think that you and Lana....” Gerard started to say, but Mikey stood up, suddenly, and walked out of the

So I was wondering....

Would any of you beautiful killjoys like to help co-write a fan-fic with me? I think I have just finished my last one that I did with a couple other killjoys, so I am open to new possibilities. Would anyone be interested?

Letters To Helena 27! (Last one?)

(I thought, since I promised that we would continue this, but I haven't gotten any letters from my co-writers, MaddieBurr, and merry killjoy, I thought I would just put one last letter here until I knew if they wanted to add in their finishing letters. So, all of you who have waited for this for so long, enjoy!)
Dear Helena,
I think this Christmas, we all want to celebrate everyone surviving our loss of you. We miss you so much still, but remembered all the stuff we went through, and how we almost didn't survive. I remember how Maddie got us up, excitedly that morning.
“We must open

Wishing for La La Land Chapter 15!

Mikey came bursting into his room, after running all the way to his house. He flopped onto his bed, and rest for a minute, panting. Then he pulled out a large, flat book from under his bed.
He flipped to the first page. There was a woman with long blond hair, a dark red dress, and peeking out from her red lips, two sharp white fangs. There were other pictures on that page, including pictures of bodies from newspaper articles saying that a serial killer was out killing people with “barbecue forks”.
The next few pages were notes on each pictures.

Wishing for La La Land Chapter 14!

“Mikey!” Ray yelled. Mikey just stood there, his face getting paler and paler. So were Ariel's and Lana's. The funny thing, John noticed, about Lana was, she looked very guilty, like she had cheated on Mikey with him.
“No, impossible.” John thought to himself. “Well” He had as an after thought, “nothing's impossible. I'm alive aren't I?” He looked at Lana. She was so scared. But John wasn't mad. He walked up to her and held her in his arms. She loosened up in his grasp, and looked at him, wonderingly. Her eyes seemed to be able to look into his soul.
“John, I....” She started.
“It's okay.”

Wishing for La La Land Chapter 13!

Lana put the finishing touches on her make-up excitedly. This was going to be her first date with John. John...she had been best friends with John since kindergarten. She was humming happily to herself as she walked out of her room, picking up her leather coat.
“Someone's happy...” Asriel said. She was wearing a beautiful red blouse that had long sleeves and a black ribbon lacing up her front. She had on black skinny jeans under it. Her hair, curly and red, made her green eyes shine even more. She wore gold ear-rings and bangles. She looked like a fire-goddess. Lana smiled.

I'm wondering what you would think if....

Well, I know some of you have read some of my Fan-fics on here, and I have decided to take the next step. I'm going to write a book. I was wondering how many of you would be interested in reading it, after I am done. You see, it can't be a really long one, since I'm writing it for this company, and so it would be most likely no longer then about fifty pages. I would like to know if some of you would like to see it and give me some constructive criticism, so when and if it does get published, it will be worth it to read. What do you think?

Wishing for La La Land Chapter 12!

When Mikey and Gerard went out to the regular table, Mikey was looking eagerly for Lana. Asriel and Ray came out, hand in hand and looking lovingly in each other's eyes. Gerard smiled to himself, happy his friends were happy, and digging into a hamburger. He finally convinced Maddie to bring him food, since she was so nice. Then came Maddie herself, with Frank walking meekly behind her.
“I told you one day, not every day, Frank!” Maddie said.
“But Maaaaddddieee! I'm so huuuuunnnngrrryyy!” He whined.
“Hmm.” She deliberated.

Wishing for La La Land Chapter 11!

“Hey there, sis! I missed you! I thought you were gonna be right outside?” Asriel said, walking up with Ray, Maddie, and Frank.
“” She gave a meaningful look to Maddie and Asriel and they both nodded. They knew it didn't need to be shared.
“Locker jam again? Man, I hate it when that happens.” Maddie said, shaking her said in mock misery. Frank rubbed her shoulder.
“Oh, don't I know it. But we must carry on, some how, some way.” He said. Maddie giggled at his sarcasm.
“Okay, you two jokers, let's get to class.” Ray said, holding Asriel closer before letting her go and walking

Wishing for La La Land Chapter 10!

Lana walked up to her locker and starting to close it, when she felt a presence next to her, wafting in extreme nervousness. Lana turned, thinking she would see Mikey, but instead she was face to face with...John.
“Hey...Lana.” He said, looking down at her with large green eyes.
“Hey.” She said, looking into them, searchingly.
“Look, Lana, I was wondering...I mean, I know that we've been in the same school for, what, like ten years? I know that we're not in the same, you know, cliques....” He paused, blushing badly.
“What is it, John?” Lana asked, breathless.