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I suppose this is some sort of quiz...

[ ] I am a cuddler.
[ ] I am a morning person.
[ ] I am an only child.
[X] I am currently in my pajamas
[ ] I am left handed.
[ ] I am a little shy around the opposite gender at first.
[X] I bite my nails
[X] I can be paranoid at times.
[ ] I enjoy country music.
[X] I enjoy smoothies.
[ ] I enjoy talking on the phone.
[X] I have a car.
[X] I have/had a hard time paying attention at school.
[ ] I have a hidden talent.
[X] I have a pet.
[ ] I have a tendency to fall for the “wrong” guy/girl.
[ ] I have all my grandparents.
[ ] I have been to another country.
[X] I have been told that I have an unusual sense of humor.
[ ] I have or had broken a bone.
[X] I have caller I.D. on my phone.
[X] I have changed a lot over the past year.
[ ] I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color.
[ ] I have had major/minor surgery.
[ ] I have had my hair cut within the last week.
[X] I have mood swings

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Girl Confessions (I stole it)

1. Do you sleep in your bra? Yep.
2. Do you like noodles? Uh huh.
3. Do you enjoy drama? Drama? Like intense tv shows? Yeah. Girls bitching about stupid things? No.
4. Are you a girly girl? Not at all.
5. Small or large purses? Usually big, but my MCR purse is small.
7. Are you short? No.
8. Do you like somebody? Besides Gerard Way? Yeah, I have a HUGE crush on a guy.
9. Do you care if your socks are dirty? Not if they're dirty as in I wore them around the house, but if I wear them out somewhere, yes.
10. Do you like Halloween? Yes, I LOVE it.
11. Favorite time if the year? Summer. I love sleeping all the time.
12. Where is the weirdest place you have slept? On my friend's floor (right next to her bed, which no one was in) after we got back from a 24 hour lockdown at a haunted hospital
13. Has anyone touched/smacked your butt in the past 24 hours? No.

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I'm old enough to drink, mentally! (Physically, unfortunately no)

[X] You know how to make a pot of coffee
[ ] You keep track of dates using a calendar
[ ] You own a credit card
[X] You know how to change the oil in a car
[X] You’ve done your own laundry
[ ] You can vote in an election
[X] You can cook for yourself
[X] You think politics are interesting
[ ] You show up for school late a lot
[X] You always carry a pen/pencil in your bag/purse/pocket
[ ] You’ve never gotten a detention
[ ] You have forgotten your own birthday
[X] You like to take walks by yourself
[X] You know what credibility means, without looking it up
[X] You drink caffeine at least once a week
[X] You know how to do the dishes
[X] You can count to 10 in another language
[X] When you say you’re going to do something you do it
[] You can mow the lawn
[] You study even when you dont have to
[X] You have hand washed a car before
[X] You can spell experience, without looking it up
[ ] The people at Starbucks know you by name

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My new short story!

Hey guys, you know I wouldn't normally spam you, but it would be amazing if y'all would read my short story that I wrote. It's based off of Vampires Will Never Hurt You, but it isn't a fanfic. I dunno, I think it's pretty good, but then again I wrote it, so I would, wouldn't I? That was a really convoluted sentence. Anywho, here's the link: http://www.booksie.com/horror/short_story/party_poison_lynn/as-razor-sha... So if you could read it and comment on the story or come back here and comment, that would be great. Thanks!
~Explosive Sunlight

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Ravenclaw? But Pottermore told me I was Gryffindor! :O

[X] You've never done drugs.
[ ] You have a lot of friends.
[ ] You get along with everyone.
[ ] You love soccer.
[ ] You love baseball.
[X] You're into writing and art.
[X] Favorite music genre is rock.
[X] You believe in "innocent until proven guilty" theory.
[X] One of your favorite colors is red or gold.
[X] Good grades at school.
[ ] One of the worst things you can do is lie.
[X] You plan on going to college/a school.

[ ] You're content with mostly everything in your life right now.
[X] You laugh a lot.
[ ] You like to follow trends.
[ ] Politics suck.
[X] You love to swim
[ ] Water polo is awesome.
[ ] Pink is one of your favorite colors.
[ ] Black is morbid & depressing.
[ ] You're an optimist.
[X] You're very emotional.
[ ] You haven't made fun of anyone this month.
[ ] Loyalty is the MOST important thing in a relationship.

[X] You're depressed to a certain extent.
[X] You love to read.

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Brainstorming for a new story...

Okay, I'm getting to work on a new story soon, and I was wondering if you guys could help me. I don't really know what I want yet. I just want this story to be original and in-depth. So I made an outline of possibilities of settings and creatures and people that could be the main focus. So if you guys could choose the ones you like best and tell me in the comments, that would be great. Here's the outline:

1. New world
a. Space
b. Desert island
c. Afterlife
d. Thieves’ Guild
i. Modern
ii. Ancient
e. Normal modern setting
f. Future setting
g. Unexplored section of desert
h. Rainforest
i. Underworld (not the afterlife kind, the secret world known only to some kind)
j. Private school
2. New people/creatures
a. Dragons
b. Fairies
c. Giants
d. Animals (as in, animals would be the mains characters, like the Redwall books)
e. Ghosts
f. Hybrids
g. Were-creatures
h. Demons
i. Winged humans

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Rant about spam

I'm REALLY mad about spam right now. I just saw one with the title "I jumped in the river to commit suicide" and so I read it, and it was a spam post that randomly said stuff like "I was locked in my room crying for 3 days" and "I want to die". Of course. The spam wasn't working before, so they decided to fill it with the stuff that a lot of people on this site ACTUALLY go through. I don't know why it's getting to me so much, but that just makes me so upset. It feels wrong. I mean, I noticed when the spam got more relevant. It would say stuff like "These are my favorite bands" and stuff like that as titles. But this just went too far. It made me really mad. Anywho, that's all for my little rant. Good night!
~Explosive Sunlight

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That was a whole mess of awkward.

1. Who was the last person to call you baby/babe?: Awkwardly enough, my friend Amy.
2. Anyone crushing on you? : I doubt it.
3. What is your relationship status? : Single
4. Has anyone ever sang to you?: I think so... maybe... If you count "Happy Birthday"
5. Has anyone ever given you roses?: Yep
6. Who do you text the most?: Sarah or Amy or DJ (or Hunter, but he never answers anymore)
7. First person to text today?: Sarah
8. What color are your eyes? Blue
9. What is a compliment you receive often? People tell me I'm smart.
10. Who was the last person to say they loved you and when? My mom, around thirty minutes ago
11. Do you like your parents? Sometimes
12. Do you secretly like someone? Survey says... YES.
13. Why did your last relationship end? It never started.
14. Who was the last person you said you loved on the phone? Um... no one, I think.
15. Who was the last person you kissed? No one... Forever alone...

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Sorry, it's another depressing post

So, stress + acid reflux = an awful night. One of my close friends is having an terrible time lately, he has a girlfriend who treats him like shit and controls him. This friend is the same one who always helped me through my depression. Now I message him every so often about my problems, and tonight I realized just what a terrible person that makes me. He's already dealing with a whole bunch of crap from his girlfriend, and now I'm trying to make him deal with my problems too. What kind of fucking friend am I? Also, I found out that another one of my friends is miserable, possibly depressed. Am I fucking contagious? Should I quarantine myself away from everyone I know so they won't catch it? I hate the world. Or maybe I just hate myself. I sure as shit hate my friend's girlfriend. Now all of my stressing about this is making my stomach act up. I feel like smashing something expensive. But I'd regret it. I regret lots of things.

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I'm addicted to my own imagination...

I've just realized why I haven't been as depressed as normal for the past couple of months. When things get too bad, I disconnect from reality. I let my imagination take over, and it turns my reality into a fantasy where everything is okay and a handsome stranger shows up to get rid of all my troubles. It's not healthy, I know. I'm working on breaking myself of the habit. Today whenever I caught myself slipping away after something bad happened, I mentally slapped myself. When my grandmother said it was my own fault I had never had a non-creepy guy interested in me, I started to imagine my manicorn (perfect man) arriving and getting me into an exciting adventure where I didn't have to worry about my grandmother. But I stopped myself. I stopped myself, and it hurt like a motherfucker to not have that coping mechanism to fall back on. I wonder if this is what it feels like to quit smoking. I've been relying on this to keep me from having to deal with life.