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Morning my lovelies

Good morning everyone!! There's a college fair at Skool today and I get out of math class!! Woo!!

Being tortured

I hate this class

Soo bored!! Can someone message me?

Dying of boredom

Apparently I do acid

So I'm in class and this kid accuses me of doing acid...
Let me be CLEAR
I don't smoke do drugs or any of that crap I've had friends coho do but I don't
Probably because my adoptive stepdad is a drunk and my biological dad did drugs abused me and smoked

Soo...anyone wanna accuse me?


Anyone wanna talk?

Geometry equals bullet to the head

Enough said

I miss u

I miss him so much

Gerard way

Gerard way- can't touch this

Jamie Campbell bower

Soo hot!!


Can someone message me?