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Good morning

Well after the agonizingly painful weekend where I couldn't tlk to my bay I am ready to start fresh!! How was everyone's weekend?

I have to go at 2:20



What are you thinking about?


So I'm sitting here and all of a sudden I think about wat it wuld be like to would I die? Heart attack? Cancer? Pneumonia? Or would someone murder me? Probably the last one... And then I think if anyone would miss me and the answer is...
HELL NO!! I mean I serusly destroy everything I touch so who would miss me?
Haha so many dark thoughts early in the morning...

Good morning

Well yesterday went ok but mostly cause I talked to my bay (: we have a football game at school (ew) as if I'm going...well I'd go if I had someone to go with.... Not cause I like football but just so I could b with someone..
Ugg y can't we live near each other?

Pixie cut

Who thinks I should get a pixie cut?


Waiting for him


Ok I have this thing when someone messages me where if they don't answer after a couple minutes then I message again..understand I'm not trying to b annoying I'm afraid of being alone


Depressed ):